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Sarah Willard

 founder, owner, ceo


Sarah Willard is an award-winning planner with over a decade of experience producing and designing events. She has a fashion-forward reputation in the industry with ongoing efforts to bring cutting edge design and flow to events. As an entrepreneur, Sarah is known for implementing tech for streamlined efficiency and client experience, utilizing a background in, and passion for, communication.

A Nashville native, Sarah actively participates in her community by serving as VP of Programming on the board of Nashville Junior Chamber, Senior Advisor to Conexion Americas NEXT Jr Board, and is involved with fundraising projects and volunteer efforts for Safe Haven, Special Olympics, Habitat for Humanity, and Thistle Farms .

from Sarah: In 2002 one of my closest friends became engaged. Naturally, as her maid of honor, I dove into planning her wedding with zeal. I never thought, growing up, that I would be a planner or that I would even own my own company.

I love what Music City Events offers to couples across the country.

Weddings are fabulous days of celebration, full of emotion, and we celebrate with couture excitement! Who knew this would happen, when I congratulated my friend on her engagement?!   

I love high heels, politics, tennis, technology, couture fashion AND making a damn difference in the lives and community around me.



Lindsy Read

Planner, Designer + Photographer

Born and raised in the very rainy and breathtakingly gorgeous Pacific Northwest, I'm an adoptive mother and wife of a touring musician. When I was 17 I met this goofy guitarist with a heart of gold and knew I had to make him mine forever.

We got married in a simpler time: before Pinterest!

I have no idea how the wedding came together (Thanks, mom!) but we are still happily married and very much in love. 

In 2006, my husband and I moved to Grenoble, France.  I knew I needed a good camera if I was going to spend a year in Europe so I purchased my first digital SLR camera.   I started my photography business when we got back to the States.  As a photographer, I have a creative eye and a flair for the unexpected.  I'll wear dresses and polish my nails ... and then I'll go skateboarding or sleep in the woods.

I literally do not know how to relax. I enjoy running & hot yoga, good coffee, writing, traveling and shopping. My dream job would be a big screen production director, the person who creates movie sets and pinpoints the smallest of details in each shot.

I am incredibly happy to be in Nashville, planning weddings -- and taking in this amazing city I now call home.



 LMR Photos

LMR Photos


Mary Anna Davis

Planner, Designer

Southern born and raised I have always had a passion for events, a passion that started at a very early age.

Fast forward several years and I moved to Nashville.  I quickly discovered how much I had been missing out on! I have been exploring and getting to know spots off the beaten path. I adore finding quaint coffee shops, restaurants, and listening to the easily accessible, always fun live music in this city.

I am in love with creating works of art.

Works of art can be anything from a wedding monogram, a print or sketch, to table numbers for an event! I’m always looking for inspiration and find it every where. Whether I find it traveling, people watching, or wedding planning, I can’t wait to go home, grab my sketchbook, and start creating.

When I am not drinking coffee or enjoying a nice cup of earl grey tea, you can find me outside reading a good book, sketching away on some new creation, or getting crafty in the kitchen. I adore Disney—probably because I have always wanted to be a princess.

Which is why I love helping couples' dreams and visions become reality. 

 LMR Photo

LMR Photo

Heather Prince

Planner, Designer

Northern-born, southern-raised. My first visit to Nashville was in November 2010. I was standing on The Pedestrian Bridge, looking out over the city and knew this was my home. I had come to do a little shopping…which I did, but left with a purpose and calling to this place. 

I planned my first wedding for my older sister, Kimberly, who was 11 at the time. I was her Maid of Honor at six, and her fabulous faux wedding to our youngest sister Elizabeth was perfect. I like to joke that that day sparked my passion for wedding planning. Today, I beg my husband for a vow renewal ceremony on a monthly basis.

As much as I love the wedding, my heart is for the marriage.

Once licensed, my mission is to offer couples practical and helpful premarital counseling throughout the planning process, regardless of religion or culture.

My life motto is to be a trusted person, and I love working with couples who trust me with marriage advice and planning their wedding day.

When not destroying my feet running around an event, I am keeping my dogs out of trouble, completely rearranging my household furniture, running up my library over-dues, laughing at my spouse, thrifting for copper decor, and loving the life I live with friends and family in Nashville, Tennessee.