Some random thoughts

So I've been putting off starting a blog for I don't know how long - not that I don't want one, I'm just not sure how often I'll check on it! But since I've become addicted to checking my e-mail I think I can transfer some of that energy to a new blog. :)

Anyhoo - I have some random thoughts that keep floating around in my head. Maybe once they're "out there" they'll leave me alone!

For all you lovely, lovely brides out there who are planning their wedding - either with or without a planner - listen up! I cannot help but stress this enough. It's something I tell all of my clients from the very beginning of our work together.

Hire a fabulous photographer.

Let me say it again:
Hire a FABULOUS photographer!

Like a wedding planner, a photographer highly affects you on your wedding day. You need to be at your utmost relaxed and comfortable self and if you don't get along famously with your planner or your photographer - it's going to show! The photos are the only thing you will have from your wedding day in 20 years, it's imperative that you find a photographer who is amazing at what they do and how they make you feel.

A few check points:
* Invest.
I know it's tempting to hire an "inexpensive" photographer or have a friend from photography school take your
photos but remember that these people - while they may be talented - have not had enough schooling and/or
experience yet. If you really feel the need to use a friend, have them take some engagement photos or perhaps
your bridal protraits.

* Be Comfortable
No matter how much you love a photographer's style or portfolio, if you aren't 100% comfy with them and feel
like you can share anything (like, "Hey, I was at the coffee shop the other day and I saw the funniest thing..")
then it will show in your photos. If you don't immediately vibe with them in a good way you won't be at ease on
your wedding day and during your photo sessions. And believe me, it shows.

* Know What You Want
For those of you not working with a planner, have an idea of the style you're looking for, your price range, and
what is most important to you. Is it imperative that you have a coffee table book from an Italian printer? Would
you rather have less prints and more time on your wedding day? Most photographers have set packages, but
you should always be able to say "I'd rather have this or that" and be able to a la carte your package. :)

As a planner I get to work with many brides and many vendors, including many photographers. I cannot tell you the difference it can make when a bride and her photographer are comfortable with and trust each other. :) It is your wedding day and you are supposed to be relaxed and having fun!