Food Bars

A new day, a new post. :)

Today I feel like talking about receptions, and more specifically, food bars.

When you think food, you normally think of a few different styles: plated vs buffet and dinner vs hors deurves. Those are your very standard, traditional options but today's bride is - thankfully - not bound by these!

One of my favorite styles of service is the food bar. Food bars are smaller stations scattered around your reception venue with delectable yummies for your guests. This not only gives a more modern feel to your reception, but instantly removes long lines and adds an element of fun for you and your guests. There is absolutely no end to the options you have when choosing your menu. Great options I've served before are:

* Pasta Bar: give your guests two or three options of pasta, add a couple of sauces, and some great toppings (veggies, cheese, etc.) and voila! A great interactive bar for your guests .

* Carving Bar: this is always a great option, serve your favorite cut of meat with silver dollar rolls and gourmet sauces for yummy little sandwiches.

* Mac-n-cheese Bar: I know, sounds like something silly but trust me - it's always a huge hit! Have several kinds of mac-n-cheese but up the "grown up" quality and have your caterer make it gourmet by adding bleu cheese, lobster or crab, gruyere, gouda, goat cheese with fresh spinach - the options are endless.

* Grits Martini Bar: down home grits with mushrooms, a cream sauce, parmesan served in a martini glass with shrimp on the rim.

* Dessert Bar (my personal favorite!): what can be better than a dessert bar? Have a small two layered cake made so you can still have the big moment but have a bar set up nearby with fabulous desserts such as truffles, bite sized pecan pies, mini cheesecakes with optional toppings, and of course something chocolate.

Other things to consider are ice cream bars, cotton candy bars, and coffee and gourmet iced tea bars. Whatever foods you choose to serve be sure to have them clearly marked for your guests. You may know that there are 4 different kinds of tea on the bar, but they won't unless you tell them! The options are literally endless if you have a good caterer, a planner who can help guide you, and a list of your favorite foods. Bon appetit!