Planning a "Day After" Brunch

Your wedding day will come and go in a flash-- or so it will seem. The day will be a whirlwind of emotions, hugging, toasting, picture-taking and mingling. It's no wonder why you and your better half will likely become exhausted by the end of that evening. Though, you don't have to let it all end that night. You'll probably want a more prolonged visit with your out of town guests before saying good-bye and scurrying off on your honeymoon getaway. A day after brunch-- which has become increasingly popular with many brides and grooms today-- will provide the perfect setting for you and your new spouse to do just that.

The Basics

Who Hosts?
There aren't any hard and fast rules when it comes to hosting this get-together. Any close friend or family member may take the honor of hosting and the event is usually kept very comfortable and informal.

The occasion should be held anytime during or after the late morning in order to give the new bride and groom a chance to rest from the busy wedding day that has passed.

Who's invited?
The guest list usually includes the bridal party, very close family members and any out of town guests who may still be in the area. The brunch will be a great time for everyone to recall the special moments that happened on your wedding day. You'll probably be surprised to hear at least a few fascinating or humorous details that you may have missed. Most of all, your out of town guests will be happy and honored to be able to spend additional quality time with the two of you before making their trip back home.

For a cozy atmosphere this event is usually held in the hosts' home. It could also be held at a favorite local restaurant if desired.

The Menu
In keeping with the rest of the event's tone, there aren't any strict rules to follow when creating the menu. The host may want a full brunch-style buffet or they may even opt for a backyard barbeque. No matter what the menu style, any kind of food will mix well with the company and the occasion.

Here are a few suggestions. A combination of any of the following items would work well for a breakfast-style brunch:

Belgian waffles with fresh berries and flavored syrups
Assorted pastries
Ham, bacon or sausage
Spinach quiche
Hash browns
Fruit salad
Juices, coffee and champagne

For a brunch held at a later hour, the following few suggestions gives a general idea of what could be added to the menu:

Baked chicken
Smoked salmon
Seafood salad
Tossed green salad
Light pasta dishes
Iced tea and flavored mineral waters

For a get-together in the hosts' home they could fire up the grill and host a classic backyard barbeque. The menu for this get-together could easily consist of the usual picnic-style fare:

potato salad
corn on the cob
watermelon slices, etc.

Written invitations aren't necessary for this event, though the hosts may choose to send them if they wish. Any simple handwritten or printed invitation would be acceptable. If invitations are not sent out, the hosts may choose to phone the guests instead and inform them of the proper times and details.

Be sure to bring your camera or ask a friend or family member to bring theirs, as this mini post-wedding celebration will once again hold many quality picture-taking moments. It will be a wonderful opportunity to get some great snapshots of the two of you and your out of town guests-- especially those you may not see again for a long time. Remember that this brunch should be relaxing and special. Enjoy, once again, being the guests of honor and happily take in all the loving company that surrounds you. Before you know it, you'll be sneaking off to your honeymoon destination-- alone at last.

Happy Planning!