Tailoring Your Wedding

Everybody loves a wedding. The delicate ivory dress, the thick, creamy paper of the invitations, the crisp, snowy napkins on the reception tables. You may - and probably do - have a certain picture in your head of how your wedding is "supposed" to look. While it is good to know what you want, you must take your season into account.

Consider the season: How comfortable would you be in elbow-length gloves and a floor-length gown in sweltering 95 degree heat? You also would not want to serve a cold seafood buffet when there's just as much ice outside as there is propping up the prawns and oysters. Tailoring your wedding to the seasons means that the choices you make will suit that particular time of year with the bonus of having a theme to work with to inject individuality into your special day.

In springtime, the trend is to hold garden weddings at home. It's a great idea as it often cuts down on costs and allows you the freedom to decorate or perform special ceremonies without having to apply for permits or ask permission. Spring is a time of birth and new beginnings and so too is your wedding, so why not plant a fruit tree together during your ceremony. As you nurture your sapling over the years, watch it grow and eventually bear fruit, it will be a living reminder of the tenderness and care that will also need to go into your marriage to make it fruitful one.

Wear: Blushing pinks, pale mint green, buttery yellows and the babiest of blues. Spring is also the perfect time to adorn your hair with fresh flowers.
Drink: Mango kirs, Watermelon Gin and Mint Mojitos with lime.
Give: Small pots of herbs or planted spring flower bulbs.

What does everyone do when summer comes? Hit the beach of course, so why not do the same for your wedding. Imagine the feel of the soft sand as you stroll along the beach towards the man of your dreams. Share your first kiss as man and wife to the sounds of the waves lapping gently on the shore. There are lots of gorgeous resorts that make this wedding scenario a reality. If you so choose, the resort staff can typically organize an entire package so your honeymoon can continue in this blissful manner.

Wear: Floaty silks and light linens. The braver brides can even opt for a bikini(!).
Drink: Seabreezes, Bellinis and Sex on the Beach cocktails (if feeling cheeky).
Give: Conch shells engraved with the bride and groom's names and wedding date.

Of all the seasons, autumn provides brides with the most naturally beautiful backdrop for their weddings. Orchards are stunning settings for ceremonies. The gorgeous golds, ruby reds and brilliant browns of the falling leaves coupled with the heavenly scent of the fruit trees and the rich earth will enhance the romance of the wedding. Also, with summer gone and winter lurking just around the corner, autumn is a time of nostalgia and sentiment so light a bonfire during the reception (well away from the trees of course) for guests to gather around to share stories about the newlyweds and their own happy marriages.

Wear: Autumnal shades – golds, browns, oranges, russet.
Drink: Woody, earthy or fruity wines, Cider, Meads and Ales.
Give: Individual shaped topiary.

Unless you're as lucky as Grace and somehow find yourself a crown prince of Monaco, your wedding day will probably be the only time you get to be a princess. Why not make the most of it and transform yourself into an winter white princess. One of the advantages of a winter wedding is that reception venue prices are generally lower and the staff will be more agreeable to helping you custom-tailor the room. Create your own magical kingdom with an ice sculpture centerpiece and glittering crystals scattered over the tables. You can even co-ordinate your guests with the décor by specifying a 'white tie' dress code on the invitations.

Wear: Pure white Duchess Satin, lashings of diamonds and fur stoles (faux, of course). Tiaras are also a must for any winter princess.
Drink: Frozen Vodka, Blue Margaritas and Martinis poured over shaved ice.
Give: White chocolate snowflakes.

Whether you're a sucker for summer or wild about winter, embrace the seasons and make your wedding the event of the year.

Happy Planning!