A Perfectly Madeup Face

The bride and groom are center of attention on their wedding day, everyone knows that. The guests all look forward to celebrating the couple and admiring the venue and decor, the yummy food, and what type of dress the bride chose. Consider one thing: your makeup plays just as important a role as your unmentionables! It compliments every article of clothing you are wearing, how your hair is done, and how you feel.

You can either choose to use a professional or do everything on your own. If you choose a professional, do a trial run just like you do with your hair and if you can, do both on the same day. Try several different colors you like and take pictures so you can compare. Have a full makeup run-through with the works so you are sure it is what you want.

Choosing to do things on your own can be cheaper and more fun. You can experiment with different things and don't have to schedule appointments. Try on that purple eye shadow, or be daring and try that fire engine red lipstick. You don't have to wear it on your wedding day, but have a little fun and give it a whirl!

A few things to keep in mind:

Eyes do not pluck or wax brows the day of the wedding use eye shadow primer before putting on the eye color apply neutral shadow over the eye use an off-white pencil inside the lower rims of the eyes to brighten them use eyelash primer apply two coats of mascara apply false eyelashes if you want to add contour to the edges

Mouth use a color that looks good with your hair and eye color try several colors before choosing a specific one use a matte or longwearing lipstick layer lip products, such as primer, balm, or lacquer to make the lipstick stay on always brush your teeth before you apply! :)

Face wear foundation that is the same color family as your skin use blush that will give your cheeks a natural rosy effect don't use frosty, dark, or smoky blushes (the photos will look dark) use a light shimmer powder for a luminous effect when doing makeup, wear a button-up shirt do hair before your makeup have monthly facials done prior to the wedding day use a handkerchief tucked in the bouquet to wipe lipstick from your groom's mouth after the kiss

Happy Planning!