Simply Red

Thanks to Laura Lee and Luke - and congratulations! I enjoyed working with you both!
About us:
Bride Laura Lee Evans
Groom Luke Wolfe
Ceremony location 1st United Methodist Church, Lebanon TN
Reception location Lebanon Golf & Country Club
Guests 150

Wedding Style: My wedding style Bold and modern with a touch of romance
My colors and why I choose them Red and black. I love the color red, it's my favorite. It can feel romantic or sumptuous and fun to me - a great party color and that's what I wanted to give my guests.
My theme I didn't really have a theme, but I knew I wanted red everything!
Wedding wow factor They loved the reception, we had red linens, chair covers, and sashes with great black and white toppers and AMAZING centerpieces.
Favors We had personalized match books and candles for our guests.
Personalized touches Everything! Sarah helped us personalize each part of our wedding to make sure it really felt like Luke and me. We had welcome gifts for our out of town guests, my favorite candle scent and personalized match books, we had a choreographed first dance that was amazing.
Gift for bridesmaids & groomsmen The girls got goody bags with their favorite snacks and fingernail polish and we all had a spa day together. Groomsmen? Luke and the guys went on a golf day - they had a great time.
Most special moment for me Standing at the altar with Luke in front of our friend and family was so amazing to me

My Wedding Vendors:

Planner: Sarah Willard at Music City Events

Florist: SS Graham Florals

Videographer: Baughman Video Works

Catering: RSVP Management

How I found my vendors? I found them all through Sarah, my planner

My favorite vendor? SS Graham Florals: he worked with Sarah and I to create the visions we had for the florals and stayed with in our budget and I loved Sarah - she was great to work with and always ready with answers or suggestions.

My Wedding Rewind:

What I would do differently if planning again? I'd hire our photographer for more hours,

he was so amazing to work with and I wish we had kept him longer.

Advice for other Nashville brides? I know its hard to go against tradition, but REALLY consider seeing your fiance before the ceremony. Sarah set up a private meeting for us, so it was still a big moment and it made such a huge difference once I saw him. I was much more relaxed and we got to spend more of our wedding day together!