Fun Twists to Ceremony Classics

Weddings are steeped in tradition. Some are still eagerly embraced: the couple exchange rings as a symbol of their love and fidelity. Some traditions entice and annoy brides at the same time:  the Bride and Groom cannot see each other prior to the wedding. Some are swiftly being carried away: the bridesmaids wear matching dresses (and yes, I have to say: thank goodness!). Some are quickly becoming a new tradition: slideshows of the couple growing up!

Every bride has her idea of what traditions she does does not want. And every one of them wants something special and unique. It is always fun to incorporate new ideas even when - or maybe especially when - they are actually old!

A few fun ones to think about as you plan your ceremony.

In Scandinavian customs, fiddlers and horns accompany the wedding precession to the church. Have trumpeters or other musicians lead the procession down the aisle.

Send the flower girl down the aisle with rose buds or other stemmed flowers to hand to guests sitting at the end of each row. The familiar English tradition of a throwing petals before the bride as she walked to the church - or her groom - invoked a happiness for the bride for her new life.

Be French!! Fill your ceremony site with flowers and stand beneath a silk canopy. A predecessor of the veil, a square of silk fabric, "carre'," is held over the head of the bride and groom as the couple received the priest's final blessing. They were designed to protect the couple from descending malice. The same veil is used for the baptism of their new born child.

One of the most simple yet  elegant of ceremonies is the Moravian Wedding Ritual. The bridal couple together lights one large candle. The flame is passed along to the guest, each of whom has been given their own candle.  Each guest lights the candle of the one beside them until the entire room is aglow. This is a wonderful way to include your family and friends. I recommend doing this at the end of the ceremony - then you recess awash in candlelight!

Whatever you choose - or do not choose - to do, be sure that it reflects you and your fiance. It is your wedding after all!

Happy planning!