2010 Wedding Trends

When discussing wedding trends for the coming year, it seems almost too obvious to mention the economy's impact. But before you jump to conclusions about how drab and cheap weddings will be, know that money is certainly not the only influence on style, fashion, or tradition. In fact, couples are getting more creative and feel more freedom to make unique choices.

Here's what I think will be hot next year:

Homemade Wedding Favors

Though favors are an expense that's easy to eliminate, right now couples are especially grateful to guests who have incurred considerable expense to be a part of the celebration.  Use homemade favors to express that thanks, and to send guests home with your love.

Backyard Weddings at Home

While getting married at home is not necessarily cheaper (tents, restroom facilities, valet parking!), it feels more personal, allows you to have an intimate affair, and does not feel ostentatious. In our current economy brides are watching their budgets closely and do not want to feel guilty for spending money on their wedding. A backyard event allows you to make more casual, less expensive choices elsewhere. For example, a gourmet barbeque picnic feels more appropriate at home than it would at a country club.

Birdcage Veils

These vintage-look veils sometimes combine a jeweled clip or feathered headpiece with netting and only covers the face.  Wearing one allows you to have some dramatic glamor and feel like a bride without the long (more expensive) veil. These are also great veils for outdoor and beach ceremonies - no need to worry about wind! It is a fun look and very fresh in a "my grandmother wore this how cool is it that I can do it too?!" kind of way.

Mismatched Bridesmaid Dresses

Over the last decade we have seen brides move away from matching 'maid outfits (hooray for that!). Brides have been selecting a dress designer and color, then letting their bridesmaids choose the style that works best for their bodies. But in 2010, I believe we will take this trend further. Choose only a color, then let your bridesmaids find an off-the-rack dress of any designer that they like. Not only does this take some pressure off of you, but it also ensures that women are choosing a dress they like (and they will honestly wear again!). If you follow this trend, be sure to tell your bridesmaids how formal the dress should be and a general length – you don't want one bridesmaid wearing a casual sundress while another has on a beaded cocktail dress!

The End of the Standard Year-Long Engagement

Though a year is a good amount of time for an engagement, it certainly isn't obligatory. Some couples will be planning quick elopements, while others will opt for longer engagements. There are advantages to both – a quick engagement means that you don't overwhelm yourself with trying to plan the perfect wedding, and often means that you spend less money on unnecessary things. A long engagement can help relieve the stress, spreading out the tasks and the expenses. You'll have time to save money, and really search for the perfect vendor.

Strapless Wedding Dresses

If you're saying to yourself, "This isn't a new 2010 wedding trend!" you're right. Strapless dresses have been extremely popular for several years now. And though more brides are opting for sleeves, straps, and other ways of covering the shoulders, strapless is going to continue to be the dominant style for the near future.

Color & Texture

Spring is the season of rejuvenated energy and love, and this year it will be no different. The forecast holds vibrant colors, bold décor and layering of textures and patterns for 2010 weddings. Wedding trends this season will combine the traditional romance of the spring season with fun and flirty new styles.