Nashville Photographer: Gregory Byerline

Love love love love love love the Byerline Family and I truly adore Gregory's work. He is a spectacular photographer and the images he captures are breath taking. (Really, I mean it). Gregory shot my profile image that is featured on my postcards, website, etc. and I have received so many compliments on it. Just love it. There are tons (and tons) of photographers in Nashville. There are lots of really great ones, too. Gregory, however, is easily in my top 3 favorites.  Enjoy more of Gregory's work here!


Sneak peeks about my work are available in the webosphere at Gregory Byerline plus my blog plus my Flickr photo blog plus Facebook. Funny thing about photographers is that we love showing our work, so peeks can be sneaked at any hour of the day or night. .....


Because I must. Photography flows in my veins. Creating and capturing beauty in lens to freeze that moment in time to remember for years to come fuels all I do. That is specially valuable with marriage celebrations.


My favorite photo project is the bridal portrait session that brides are opting for more and more lately. I see bridal portraits as magazine-quality fashion shoots, pulling from my commercial/editorial/fashion photography background, and it's a time to showcase the bride at her best in a fun session a few weeks before the wedding date. Another life milestone captured with beauty and elegance to be shared with family and friends for generations. 4. WHAT YOU DO ON A TYPICAL WEEKEND (FRI/SAT/SUN)?

When not shooting a wedding, our weekends involve family time with my wife and our daughter Mollie, and we enjoy spending time outdoors hiking or relaxing with a bottle of wine at home or at Arrington Vineyards as we remember our recent trip to Italy's wine country and dream of our next big getaway. 5. FAVORITE CHILDHOOD DRINK?

Chocolate milk, definitely. Especially when enjoyed with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 6. THINGS THAT MAKE YOU SMILE?

My girls (wife Meghann, daughter Mollie, and furry girl Sundae).

Fun couples who love their photographs.

As a new father of a precious daughter, father/daughter dances at receptions have taken on a whole new meaning.


Where to start? Our favorite movies are art films moreso than cinema blockbusters. We are particularly fond of Moulin Rouge for its quarky musical brilliance, Chocolat and Remains of the Day and Silence of the Lambs for excellence filmmaking and screenplays, and pretty much anything Sir Anthony Hopkins has graced with his awesomeness. 8. BESIDES YOUR WEDDING/EVENT BUSINESS, WHAT DO YOU DO IN YOUR FREE TIME?

As often as possible, I make a point to enjoy the finer things in life with family and friends. "Finer things" in my world include artistic and creative works of the visual/performance kind and, yes, the culinary kind (wine, beer, chocolates, coffee, food, desserts, you know). 9. ANY ADVICE OR TIPS FOR BRIDES?

When Meghann and I married 12 years ago, someone told us that "if it's not done by Friday night, it's not that important, so enjoy your Saturday to the fullest," and we agree whole heartedly. Leave the wedding details and minutia to an experienced planner who will ensure your day runs smoothly so brides can kick back and enjoy their big day to the fullest. I've seen a big difference between weddings with planners and weddings without planners.

Also, and I honestly would say this even if I had a different profession, do not skimp on your photography budget. The photos are all the remain after your big day. Professional photographers have the skill (technical skill, creative skill, experience, et al) to properly photograph your wedding. There's a right and wrong way to do it, and weddings are far too important events to be photographed by inexperienced people with cameras. Simply owning a hammer and tool belt doesn't make someone a master carpenter. The hammer, and the camera, are simply tools. Knowing how and when to use those tools requires dedication to the craft.

(*Please note the 'N' and 'A' for Nicole and Aaron!!!!*)


Sure thing. We are offering additional product credit up to $500 for any Super Model or Red Carpet or Fashionista wedding photography packaged booked by July 31, 2010. Product credits can be applied to prints or canvases for the couple or their parents. Great opportunity to showcase "You at your best" throughout your home. ~gregory

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