Tips for Budget Conscience Brides

Let’s cut to the chase.

The whole idea of the budget is terrifying. How are you supposed to know what your wedding will cost if you have never had one before?

Part of a planner's services should be about stretching your budget as far as possible.  Assistance with your budget is always included in my packages. I not only assist in finding the best price for rentals, etc. but because I have unique vendor relationships I am able to offer great discounts and extras for my clients!

Here are some tips for getting exactly what you want without breaking the bank! So stop screaming at your mother and your fiance (is it his fault, really? :) ), take a deep breath and let’s talk budget.

1. Put your money where your passion is: You do not have to have the most expensive wedding components on the market. For instance, there’s always a less expensive “save the date” card than the one lined in gold and filled with customized chocolates. Remember, it will only be seen for a few moments. People rarely save them on the fridge until the moment the invitation arrives. Keep something like your save the dates simple and to the point, you want them to attend, not think they have to buy a fur and schedule a limo for pick up service!

Instead, focus on areas of your wedding that you and your fiancé are passionate about. You may be more of a linen and china person, rather than the food — I know I am. I can see it now:  guests eating chicken salad sandwiches on platinum plating with dupioni silk linens—but seriously ... if you know where you want to spend the majority of your budget, simply let your planner know and she or he will guide you in making the right choices.

2. Be selective: From venue to cake to dress, make sure you are not setting yourself up for disaster. When you find the perfect venue and it seems a little pricey, think to yourself: “This might now be a beer and wine wedding instead of champagne and cocktails.” And keep in mind that it can be tricky if you work it in reverse—if you go with a cheaper venue, odds are you will need to spruce it up, so be sure to think about all of the necessary elements before you commit to a certain place, vendor, or idea!

3.  Keep the truly important things. Whenever you are coming up against a budget block, ask your self this question: In five years, will this be as important to me? If, in five years, you really do want to remember having a 500 guest wedding with traditional, easy fare then by all means, invited 500 friends and family members and cut back in other ways. However, if you would much rather serve a fancier dinner and remember a night with 60 of your very closest friends, then take that into account. Just because your room mate's best friend invited you to her wedding during college 3 years ago does not mean you need to reciprocate. Just be sure that in this quest you are not forgetting your manners or being rude to your guests. It does not work to invite guests to a gorgeous venue that is out of your budget and serve cake and punch at 7 in the evening simply because you had to have that venue. Be as honest with yourself as you can be. It will help you and your planner create your perfect wedding.

Together, you and your planner can conquer the wedding budget one way or another. The beginning can be stressful since there is so much to do, everything is unknown, and pricing can be shocking. Think to yourself: “This should only happen once—so why not?” Go get ‘em!