Nashville Favorite: Baughman Media Works

Taira and Rob Baughman are a very lovely couple based in Mt. Juliet and I love working with them! They have great videography and photography skills and Rob is a jack of all trades. They truly work with my clients to produce the packages and end product that is desired. I always look forward to working with them!

1. WRITE A LITTLE SOMETHING ABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND WHO YOU ARE Baughman Media Works is a full service media company.  We specialize in videography, photography and DJ services.We are a family owned company and love working together.  As the mom, I am the company owner and the lead photographerand videographer.  My oldest daughter Jaclyn has a gift as a cinematographer.  We love getting super creative with our shots.My youngest daughter is a fabulous photographer and often works as my assistant and second shooter.  Rob Baughman is ourmaster of ceremonies and my beloved husband.  He loves music and is so good at what he does.  When he is not working hisDJ station you will find him behind a camera assisting the rest of us.  We also have a fabulous team of videographers and photographersthat work with us on our projects.  However, ALL EDITING is done by me.

2. WHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO I just love digital imagery.  I have had people ask me what are you better at, photography or Video?  I don't think there is one that I dobetter than the other.  I take pride in all the work that we do.  I do think though that video is probably my favorite aspect of the company.There is something about watching your memories come to live again that just gets me excited.

3. FAVORITE PROJECT? (CAKE, FLORALS, EVENT??) While I really love shooting weddings I think one of favorite events is actually dance recitals.  Ooooh.  I just love seeing those little babies dancing on the stage in their "fru fru" clothes.  It is so precious.

4. WHAT YOU DO ON A TYPICAL WEEKEND? When I am not working a wedding then I love to spend time with my family.  We attend Joy Church International on either their Saturday or Sunday service.  I also work with the Acts of Joy video team from our church and that is a blast.

5. FAVORITE SUPER HERO? For sure Spiderman.  Always has been.  However, I am married to Superman.  Just ask him.


Hearing my two year old laugh.My iMac & iPhoneWatching my husband wrestle in the floor with the kidsThe sound of a newborns first cryGetting to dress up fancy and go on a date with my husbandRed Convertibles

7. BESIDES YOUR WEDDING/EVENT BUSINESS, WHAT DO YOU FILL YOUR FREE TIME WITH? I love to scrapbook.  However, I don't get much free time so it has been a while since I have been able to enjoy this craft.I love to just sit in front of the TV with my Macbook Pro in my lap and play on facebook.

8. ANY ADVICE/TIPS FOR YOUR SUBJECTS/CLIENTS? Since we offer photo and video we often see the flip-side of clients who decided NOT to do video and only have a photographer.I can't tell you how many of our clients have regretted not having a professional videogapher.  Yes, it can be a costly investmentbut it is one that you will never regret.   I also advice brides to have a wedding planner.  It is a misconception to think that you cannotafford one.  The money you save with your local vendors will more than pay for your planner.  The peace of mind that you will havejust can't have a price tag.  I know we always offer discounts if our brides have a planner.  It makes our job easier. 9. ANY CURRENT SPECIALS OR PROMOTIONS?? We just love Sarah & Music City Events.  We are offering 15% off all packages to her clients.  Check out our blog at for tons of samples of our work.  Visit our website at

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