Wedding Advice… for men!

Getting married is a big step and it is important that you understand your role in the wedding planning and process. Here is some helpful advice.

For many men, the biggest event in a relationship is proposing to your wife to be. It is without doubt a stressful but fulfilling moment. When she says yes, you are probably going to be both relieved and floating on the clouds. Even when you know she will say yes... hearing it is still a relief. After the initial excitement and phone calls, it is time to start thinking about the wedding. For many men, this stage is the start of one foreign, strange process and they have no idea how to handle it.

To most men, the most important thing about the wedding is exchanging vows. For your fiancé, however, a wedding is much more and it is incredibly important to her. Everything that goes into the wedding is important and every stage is full of important decisions. Picking flowers, invitations and tasting samples from caterers and bakers is all part of the joy for her. For you, it may not be so. You may get annoyed at all the appointments and decisions. You probably don't have a really strong opinion about the type of flowers that will be used. This is understandable, but these decisions are important to her.

When going through the wedding planning process, it is important for grooms to be actively involved. Yes, even when you really don't have an opinion on something such as invitations. You should not indicate that you don't care in a flippant manner. You should care that it is important to your future wife and approach it that way. If you don't have an opinion on some selection, do your best to form one. Your fiancé knows you probably are not particularly fired up about picking the table settings for your wedding, but she will really appreciate it if you make the effort to get involved. Doing so is a statement that you are committed to her happiness, not a particular type of flower and so on.

Following the ceremony, it is time for the reception which includes food, cake, and beer.  Ah, now I have your attention! Receptions are obviously the festive part of the wedding event. How "festive" you get, however, is something the two of you should discuss. In general, it is important to be a bit conservative. While your wife may laugh about your getting very festive after a few years have passed, she probably will not be so happy on the night in question.

The wedding day is an important one for both the bride and the groom. Take an active role in the planning and the wedding and let your future wife know that you understand just how important this is to her. Do that and everything should be great!

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