Is She the One? How to Find the Right Wedding Planner

In these credit crunch times, being able to have a dream wedding without breaking the bank can be a real challenge. Engaged couples may feel that hiring a wedding planner would be an extra expense that they could do without.

But a good wedding planner or coordinator can actually help couples save money and stick to a budget. So how do brides and grooms go about finding the right one? Just follow these five tips :

a) Research Different Wedding Planners

Engaged couples should make time to research wedding planners. When choosing a planner, ask how many years of experience they have had and whether they can show some examples of past weddings. Couples should also ask a wedding planner if they can provide contact details for some of their past clients, who can provide recommendations.

b) Ask Other Couples About Wedding Planners

Engaged couples should speak to other lovebirds who have recently married; they may be able to recommend a good wedding planner or company. Couples should also consider joining a free online forum which will give both partners the chance to talk to others who are tying the knot. They may be able to recommend good, affordable wedding planners.

c) Talk to the Experts

The Future Mr. & Mrs. should try to attend at least one wedding show. Wedding experts will often be waiting to offer couples advice on how to plan their big day. Most wedding shows will give attendees the chance to talk to the exhibitors who know wedding planners they recommend AND the ability to talk to planners one on one.

d) Compare Different Wedding Planners

It is advisable for couples to make appointments to meet at least two different wedding planners so that they can compare their credentials and characters and how well they "click". Couples need to find someone who is professional but also approachable and able to answer all their queries. Interviewing planners is really the only way to do this.

e) Assess a Wedding Planner’s Character

The most important thing for couples to do when choosing a wedding planner is to make sure they have found someone who they feel comfortable with. Ideally, you need a wedding planner who understands your tastes and is receptive to your wishes. Honesty is also an important quality in a wedding planner - couples need someone who will tactfully tell the truth about some of their impractical ideas or how possible a certain decor element or design shape is, given their budget.

A decent wedding planner will ensure couples stick to a pre-arranged budget and will help them to prioritize what needs more or less monetary attention.

Above all, couples must find somebody who they can easily communicate with, even if several wedding planners have to be interviewed before a decision is made.  After all, you are trusting a wedding planner to help organize a very special and personal event. Finding the right planner means that newlyweds and their families can relax knowing that their special day is in good hands.

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