Nashville Brides Should Know…Amy Lynn Larwig: Fresh, Fabulous Bridal Makeup

Nashville Brides Should Know…Amy Lynn Larwig: Fresh, Fabulous Bridal Makeup

Some brides tend to not make hair and makeup a huge priority in the wedding planning process.   Your face is going to be photographed from all angles, all day long both from a distance and close up.  While it's not a huge expense, professional makeup can be a neglected detail and I encourage you to really do your research and find a great makeup artist.

An interview today with Amy Lynn Larwig will help you jumpstart your search for a bridal makeup artist.  I've seen girls who have had their makeup done by Amy, brides of all skin tones and hair color and they all have, without fail, looked spectacular AND even better, I've had my make up done by her as well. AND LOVED IT.  Let's get to know her a little better, and be sure to check out her portfolio video link at the end of the post!

Music City Event Spotlight: Amy Lynn Larwig


Pictured: The famous Amy Lynn; Photo by Kristyn Hogan, lifestyle photographer


Picture courtesy of Daniel Meigs Photography (

Number of years as makeup artist: 8.5 years

How did you get started in weddings? By accident. I didn’t want to do weddings originally. But I got asked by some photographer friends of mine, so I tried it out and kinda fell in love.

black bride makeup nashville

Picture courtesy of Gregory Byerline ( (note from Sarah: Have I mentioned recently how much I love this guy?! His work totally rocks and he is one of the coolest photogs I've had the pleasure to work with. In fact, that awesome photo of me in the white chair? Yep. Gregory's. :) )

What do you like most about weddings? Everyone is happy! It’s a fun occasion and I’m around during the girly time, so the mood tends to be light.

What’s your favorite wedding picture and why?

The first part of my promo video showcases a bridal shoot I did with Chris & Adrienne Scott. I loved this shoot. The bride has such a presence. She let me have free range to do what I wanted, so I pulled her hair back to keep it simple and easy to maintain. And added some silver shimmer to her lids to really light up those blue eyes. A soft pink lip and cheek kept the look romantic and fresh.


Picture courtesy of Chris & Adrienne Scott (

What is your service philosophy? I create clean, modern looks that fit you. Each face I work on is personalized and made to fit your unique style.

What are your strengths compared to others in your category? What sets me apart from other vendors, is the attention to detail. Before a brush even touches your face, a ton of questions about your skin, makeup routine, and wedding have to be answered. All these elements are pulled together to customize a look. Each high end product used has been tested personally by me and is applied with the utmost precision. Once the look is complete and you feel great in it, it’s all written down on a face chart and pictures are taken to ensure continuity on wedding day. There are other details included to make sure the beauty portion of your day is an experience, not just a task.


Picture courtesy of Evan Baines Photography (

Who are your 5 favorite Nashville wedding vendors?

Chris & Adrienne Scott ( -  This couple not only creates images that will melt you, but they are an absolute joy to be around. They make the experience such fun and really pull YOU out.

StudioWed - Technically, not a vendor, but a tremendous resource for brides and a great place to meet and talk about your wedding.

Chef’s Market - By far, the most amazing catering in Nashville. Beautiful food, and everything is delicious. They really take the time to build the perfect meal for your event and tastes.

The Bride Room ( - These women make each bride feel as if her day is the most important one ever. They get to know their brides individually and are so super sweet.

CJs Off The Square - A beautiful venue that makes planning your wedding a complete breeze. Amy and CJ are great listeners that take into account every detail of your dream day. They are super organized and definitely know how to get things done.

What do you read/watch regularly to stay on top of wedding/event trends? I read the local wedding blogs. I also keep up with fashion magazines to see the upcoming trends. Zink is probably my favorite mag for fashion/ makeup.

Is there a wedding trend that you love? Casual, fresh looks. Loose tousled hair and clean, young makeup. Lots of pinks on the cheeks, bright eyes, and soft lips.


Photo Courtesy of Evoke Photography

Which wedding trend are you tired of seeing? The vintage thing. Red lips are pretty, but they tend to be hard to maintain. Especially during, “You may kiss the bride”.

Is there a trend that you are glad is gone? In the words of a hairstylist friend of mine, “Deep fried updo’s” Crunchy curls pinned up prom style.


Pictures courtesy of

Which trend are you sad to see leave the scene? A lot of brides are letting go of false lashes, which breaks my heart. I think even the most natural pair just give such an “umph!” and everyone looks good in them.


Photo courtesy of Jonathon Campbell Photoraphy (Note from Sarah: Yeah, this husband and wife team are sooooo great at what they do and even better, love what they do! And talk about staying level headed. Nothing fazes them. Not even crazy snow and ice storms....)

What are your favorite wedding websites? I'm really jamming on custom made hair pieces. They are a fun way to add some pizzaz to your wedding ensemble. Anything by Jessica Frame (



Custom headpieces by Jessica Frame. Pictures courtesy of Chris & Adrienne Scott

Etsy has some great stuff too, such as Bridal Couture - or Tallulah Opal (

What advice would you give to brides on the wedding planning process in general? “It’s just not that serious."  This tends to be my advice for life in general. Some brides spend all their time fretting over the perfect shade of green, or the precise amount of flowers in their bouquet, or the height of their bridesmaid’s shoes. They lose sight of the reason for this celebration in the first place…. You are getting married! When you find wedding planning becoming overwhelming, keep in mind that the number one priority is starting your marriage together.

What is the biggest misconception about your industry? “I can do my own makeup.”  This is HORRIBLE! You might do a great job on your makeup for work and hanging out with friends. But makeup for camera is a whole other beast. It takes special products and techniques to look good in professional pictures. It makes a world of difference in the end result of those images.

Watch Amy Lynn Larwig, Makeup Artist. from Mark Brown on Vimeo.

Thanks Amy Lynn - you do a fantastic job and ~MCE~ appreciates you sharing with us!

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