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I love Atlanta and frequently take day trips to the great Southern City. Great food. Great shopping. Great shoes. :)

I recently ran across an article for Running of the Brides®, an annual event at Filene's Basement.

Brides-to-be come to the Running of the Brides® to find their dream dress at a bargain price. Whether you camp out overnight to be one of the first through the doors, or arrive later in the day for a less chaotic experience, by day’s end virtually every bride who comes here leaves with the wedding gown of her dreams (that she snagged for an unbelievable price) and a treasure trove of memories.

Filene’s Basement is primarily a (fantastic!) store full of designer clothing ~ Gucci, BCBG, Michael Khors, Valentino and Rock & Republic among them ~ that has occasionally sold wedding gowns ever since the store first opened in 1909 in Boston.  The original concept was to sell off excess merchandise of the owner's store located on store up (thus the 'basement' part), but soon other retailers began bringing in their unsold goods and the "off price" concept was born!

The original Bridal Sale has been tracked back to 1947 but today's sales have anywhere from 1400 to 3000 gowns, depending on the store. The original prices of these gowns retail from $900 - $9000 but you can find them at Running of the Brides® for $249, $499 and $699. Gowns bought from other retailers usually have the original price tags attached, so customers can see the savings instantly.

Filene’s Basement carries some of the most famous labels in the wedding gown industry. Because they sell these gowns at such a huge discount, they have an agreement with vendors that names will not be advertised. it is safe to say, though, that these are designers and brands you see featured in all the big bridal magazines.

Ladies - be sure to keep an eye on Filene's calendar for their 2011 Running of the Brides®. And assemble your team! Not only will this bring you a fabulous gown at an incredible price, but it's certain to be an adventure. Bring mom, your best friend, sis, her best friend, your dog walker.... :) anyone who you want to share the experience with and trust to dash across 3000 gowns in search for the perfect one.

Happy Planning!

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