2011 Styles & Trends - Food!

The final featured post on 2011 Trends & Styles  –  check our blog for the rest in the series!

2011 Wedding Trends & Styles - Food

So, to finish with my 2011 Styles & Trends series, today we’re going to talk about food. Wedding food trends have been changing in recent years and couples are able to be far more creative than before with their approach to their wedding party or reception. In 2011, this will certainly continue…

* Informality – wedding receptions will become increasingly informal, in an attempt to create a casual day where guests can celebrate and enjoy with the couple. I do not mean to imply that celebrations will be less grand, but there will be more focus on letting loose and enjoying the evening.

* Reception formats – we already mentioned combined table styles (round, square and long tables in the same venue) as a 2011 Style & Trend. Now, to join this, I am seeing long, tea-party style tables. This is a nice reference to traditional British street parties and has potential for a great vintage touch.

* If reception set-ups are becoming more informal, then so is the food! Tapas-style menus, curries or "food bars" (MUCH better sounds than one long buffet) are all great for sharing and socializing. Check back tomorrow for ideas on alternative menus!

* Food vendors – once again, bring a seriously informal and seriously fun vibe to your party and hire a hot dog stand or an ice-cream stand! Create a carnival atmosphere with a cotton candy and popcorn station and don't forget about cupcake bars. Yum!

Whoopie pies – cupcakes are out, so they say… “Pure edible nostalgia,” the Williams-Sonoma catalog calls them. And I'm inclined to agree. The great Pam Hogencamp from Ribbons of Chocolate makes a killer whoopie pie. Delish.

Let us know of any ideas that you might have for your wedding reception food!


Happy planning!

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