Easy as 1 2 3! Personalizing Table Numbers

A month or so ago, the lovely Krista Chapman reached out to me with a question regarding table numbers. What are some great alternatives for numbering tables at your wedding reception?

Below is the resulting blog. :)

Originally posted By Pink Lady Krista Chapman: January 5, 2011

I have always liked when brides think out of the box and find clever ways to work elements of their personal journey as a couple or specific aspects of each other.  When planning a wedding with formal seating, table numbers are a great way to subtly infused a burst of personality into to your wedding and truly share the details of your love story.  Below are a few of my favorites as well as some suggestions from Nashville wedding planner, Sarah Willard (Music City Events).

What a beautiful Baby! I particularly like this idea for your rehearsal dinner.  In place of numbers, have your Mom and soon to be Mother-in-law, dig out pictures of you and your fiancé at corresponding ages.  Easily displayed in frames that fit you’re your décor, guests are directed to find their seat at the table with photos depicting a certain age.  This could be a game for guests to figure where there seated or you may choose to include your age with the picture.  Having pictures of corresponding events for the bride and groom during their childhood is another example as shown.

wedding table namesPoints of Interest. Rather than numbering your tables, consider naming them based on places that were special during your courtship.  Where you met, fell in love, took you first vacation together and got engaged are all great spots.  You may also choose to include a short story as to why this place is considered important.  Photographs of your time there as well as a short story of the details would also be a nice touch and great conversation for guests

Family Names of Old. Couples that are especially interested in family history may choose to name their tables as an ode to past generations that have been joined together by marriage.  If you have wedding pictures of your parents, grandparents and great-grandparents this may also be a nice touch.  Just make sure you use copies, rather than chancing damage to originals.

Love in any Language. Give your wedding an international feel with the word love in languages from around the world.  Couples wanting to highlight their own ethnic backgrounds could instead pick out words that make for a successful marriage in their mother-tongue (think listen, trust, compassion, communication as example words)

Music in Music City. Top love songs or favorite tunes of the couple are another great way to personalize your guest tables.  This idea could also be transfer to any hobby, profession or special interest that the couple shares.  Fashion loving brides may name their tables after their favorite designers.  I suggest using their favorite teams as tables’ names for sports loving couples.

Insider’s Tip: Guests pick up escort cardsto determine where they are seated.  There are generally alphabetized by name and lists the guest’s table.  Place cards are set on table at each place to define a guest’s exact seat.  Many brides choose to forgo place cards to save on the expense, opting for escort cards only.  You may also consider are larger seating chart, listing guests names and tables but be mindful of how you can make revisions when guests add or regret last minute.

Happy planning!

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