The Smart Bride Workshop: VV+P Part 1

Ashley's Bride Guide is hosting their first annual wedding planning workshop, the Smart Bride. I have been asked to speak as a Wedding Expert and take care of the planning side of the workshop.

Value, Vision + Priority {part 1}

Last Tuesday was the first class, held at Events @ 1418.  All would agree that it was very informative and a must-have session for every Nashville bride.  Designed as a vehicle for couples/families to get smart before they started making costly wedding planning mistakes, it also helped couples develop a solid foundation based on a list of their unique values.

event photos courtesy of jHenderson Studios


nashville engaged couple

Engaged Nashville couple

You really need to attend the workshop if you are located in Nashville.  But, for those unable to attend (like readers from NY to FL), here are some of the night's highlights:

How does pre-marriage education help couples keep their sanity, develop values and a vision?

Marie - Nashville Marriage Studio

  • You can become overloaded with tons of wedding info.  Counseling grounds the couple, helps them communicate through the entire process.
  • Jot down 2-3 things that distress both of you - i.e. spa visits, pedicures, reading a book.  When you get overwhelmed, refer to that list. Make sure you take care of you (one another) during the process.
  • A great business book to read that can apply to wedding planning is "Start with the Why"
  • 3 questions we need to be asking:

1.  Why? (Values)

2.  How? (Vision)

3.   What? What do you picture on your wedding day?  What are the actual steps to take to achieve that picture?

  • Couple Values - Reflect on why you are getting married?  Why are you have a ceremony?  Why are you having a reception?  Why are we doing this and what is important to us?
  • It is always good to write out the values and come back to visit them early and often!
  • Vision - how does your vision come to life? If you close your eyes, what picture do you see, who is there?


Marie + Sarah (left), Ashley (right)

What did/do you value and how did those value impact their wedding/wedding plans.

Natasha - Newlywed, blogger at Big Spoon, Little Spoon

  • Begin looking at wedding priorities - what are the main values throughout the wedding?
  • Mine was financial peace, we bargain shopped together and made sure to gather as much info as early as possible.

Krista - Newlywed, blogger at Becoming Mrs. Dial

  • Values: personal stamp was our biggest focus.  We were able to figure that out talking about the core values that were important early on in the planning process.  We attended a session with Ashley, Marie at The Unabridged Bride last year and it really helped us focus.

Hillary - Brocade Design + 2011 bride

  • Hillary shared her story of why talking about the values early is important in the planning process.  She and her fiancé were three months into the planning process when they sat down and evaluated what truly mattered.  They realized what they truly wanted was a stress free relaxing day, so they are now getting married in Hawaii in June!

nashville brides

Natosha (front), Hillary (back)

Check back tomorrow for part 2!

Happy Planning!

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