The Smart Bride Workshop: VV+P Part 2

Ashley's Bride Guide is hosting their first annual wedding planning workshop, the Smart Bride. I have been asked to speak as a Wedding Expert and take care of the planning side of the workshop.

Value, Vision + Priority {part 2}

How do you translate vision and style into your wedding?

Sarah G. - Regalo Design and Sarah W. {me!} - Music City Events agree:

  • Style - look at the seasons, weather, colors, etc.
  • What makes you feel good naturally?  Start there.
  • Look at what décor/ style is in your home. Those are clues into your style.
  • Real Story: Clients Mallory & Mike had a DIY wedding in Dickson, where they were able to incorporate much of their own home décor into their wedding.  We used their home decor elements to decorate each table, reception.  It was 100% them.  Decor spend was only $400 as a result.
  • For inspiration, go to places non-wedding related.  Places you and your fiancé enjoy being (building architecture, restaurants for table settings, clothing stores, etc

Ashley adds: A great book to help you put your vision into action is Style Your Dream Wedding

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Hillary - Brocade Design: Values

  • Always include priorities and rate them by their importance level
  • How much does this or that truly mean to you?
  • Remember that values are based on needs, not wants
  • Ask: What three words do you want to describe your wedding?
  • Think: What do you want guests to say about your wedding?
  • Imagine: Your wedding is a painting, what’s the landscape for it?

Hillary - Brocade Design: Narrow Down What Your Want

  • Have core list and vision in head
  • Have a reason.  I need this because…
  • Create a design anchor and stick with it
  • Make a few elements key, rather than everything key.  Too many wow factors can become overwhelming and like a circus.
  • Have one or two primary colors and then a compliment color
  • Think of key elements
  • Always use the K.I.S.S method: Keep it Simple Stupid
  • Use repetition and reiteration!

Now that you have your vision, values, style - how do you know what to spend where?

Ashley - Don't start with budget/dollars.  Start with ranking what's most important to you.  We'll get into budget next week but you first need to know what you want before you start dividing the financial pie.

Sarah W. of Music City Events - I advise couples to start with a list of what's important to them.  We will allocate their actual budget once they have established what's important.  Rank these wedding elements, with 1 being your most important.  Have your fiancé + family rank them too.  See how your lists compare.

List of Wedding Priorities

Help throughout wedding & marriage planning journey

____ Planner/assistance

____ Counseling / Coaching

Dream style, décor and details

____ Florals

____ Décor / styling / lighting

____ Stationery – std, invitations, programs

Amazing experience for us/guests

____ Ceremony venue

____ Reception venue

____ Food

____ Bar/Alcohol

____ Cake

____ Music

____ Transportation

____ Gifts for bridal party / parents

____ Guest gifts / favors

____ Entertainment (i.e. photo booth)

____ Wait staff – valet, servers, etc

Lasting memories

____ Photography

____ Videography

Meaningful to us

____ Bridal Gown

____ Groom’s Attire

____ Ring – His

____ Ring - Hers

____ Honeymoon

____ Unique touches such as ______________________

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Sarah W. {thats me!} of Music City Events

Register for next camps - Tues, Jan 11, 18, 25

If you missed last week, there are more sessions!   On Jan 18 and 25, we will give you the info you need to hire wedding specialists – from what to ask to what to know.  If there is snow the day of the event, we will postpone to the next Tuesday and alert attendees.

Thank you!

Special thanks to Events@1418 (where we were lucky to have our workshop, but it's also a wedding venue!), A Catered Affair (for the lovely food + Sangria!), Nashville Event Lighting (for providing the mics and sound),  McNeal Wedding FilmsjHenderson Studios (for chronicling our event), Music City Events (for taking care of ALL of the behind the scene event details + of course our ask-us-anything panel.

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Happy Planning!

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