Spring Wedding Myths - busted!

The rest of this week focuses on popular myths when it comes to weddings and planning. Check back for more tips!

Spring Weddings

Spring may be one of the most sought after seasons for weddings but that does not mean you have to keep it cookie cutter! Read on for myths/rules that you can break!

Myth #1: You Must Use Pastel Colours

Though some spring brides embrace the colours traditionally associated with the season, others cringe at pale pastel hues. If you find yourself in the latter category, go with a colour scheme that best fits your style. Pulling off an unexpected palette gives your wedding an element of surprise that will wow your guests. If you want to go with a seasonally appropriate but still unconventional choice, take the pastels up a few notches and go with brighter hues like hot orange, lime green, bright blue and magenta.

Myth #2: You Have To Have Flowers Everywhere

On the one hand, spring is a bride's bonanza for flowers—a huge variety of blooms are in season and easy to get. But if flowers aren't your thing, there are lots of options for creating interesting and unusual decor. One way is to incorporate other kinds of natural elements into your centerpieces: Think moss, wheatgrass, river rocks, or herbs. While these will still evoke a spring-like feeling of freshness and rebirth, there's not a flower in sight. Want something more dramatic? Blooming branches such as artichoke flowers, tetragona nuts and bamboo look modern and incorporate some flowers without being in your face. You can also experiment with succulents or miniture pineapples. Best of all, these will look great anywhere—whether they're on the altar or on your reception tables.

Myth #3: You Have To Stay Inside

I know, I know—spring showers. While in many places all of spring (in other words, mid March through to the end of May) can be unpredictable, don't rule out an outdoor wedding for the entire season. The elements will be a factor in an outdoor celebration at any time of year, but rather than giving up on going al fresco, just plan ahead. When you are looking at ceremony and reception sites, ask what other couples had as a rain plan and whether any changes needed to be made. Get the details on those other spaces, so if you're planning to have 200 guests, you won't choose a site where the indoor space can only hold 120. Another option: Reserve a just-in-case tent.

Myth #4: Your Attire Should Be Informal

The weather's warmer, so hemlines can be higher. Sure, your bridesmaids won't have to worry about freezing in tea-length dresses, but it doesn't mean you have to have them. If floor length is more your style, that's just fine. Same goes for your gown and the guys' attire. Though a light-coloured linen suit would be perfectly appropriate for some springtime affairs, if a classic tux better suits the tone of your wedding, go for it. No matter what time of year you're marrying in, the most important thing is comfort—so if you love the look of satin dresses, but are worried your maids will be melting, choose a similar style in a more forgiving fabric like a silk blend.

Happy Planning!

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