Summer Wedding Myths - busted!

The rest of this week focuses on popular myths when it comes to weddings and planning. Check back for more tips!

Summer Weddings

The number one tip for planning a summer wedding? Don't be afraid to break the rules!

Myth #1: You have to have an outdoor wedding

If you live in a cooler part of the country where the lush, green months of summer are precious, it may seem like you absolutely must head outside for your summer wedding. But if an outdoor wedding isn't what you've always dreamed of, an indoor space can be just as summery (and much more reliable). For one, if you're in a super-hot climate, an indoor wedding may be more comfortable for your guests not wanting to bear the heat. But beyond that, you can use your creativity and design skills to make an indoor space suit the season. Hang summer lanterns or create a summer flower-strewn indoor aisle.

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Myth #2: You have to use bright summery wedding colors

While many summer couples look to vibrant colors and flowers to reflect the season, it's most definitely not a requirement. If bold and bright just isn't your style, there's no need to hew to a palette of intense hues. Going with a subdued color scheme can actually be more unexpected -- for example, icy blues will exude a cool and refreshing atmosphere. For a surefire palette that works with almost any style -- from ultra-formal to relaxed and natural -- look to a combo of whites and ivories with green accents. It's popular for a reason. An apple green hue will give a preppy, fun feel, while a deeper green like loden or moss will imbue your nuptials with a subdued elegance.

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Myth #3: You can't have a formal wedding

Yes, high temperatures probably mean you should skip the stiff, heavy dresses made of taffeta and brocade. But you don't have to put your bridesmaids in dresses with high hemlines and have your groomsmen don loafers if it's not your style. Decide on a level of formality, and then work with your bridal salon and suit shop to explore your options. For a sophisticated, formal summer wedding, consider elegant silk sheaths for your bridesmaids and lightweight dark suits for the guys. You should be able to find attire that reflects the formality of your event but won't leave you sweltering.

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Myth #4: A city wedding won't work

Summer is a season when many people feel the need to head for the "country" or max their visits to city and state parks. But if you've always wanted a chic city wedding, you can still have it even in the summer months. A rooftop ceremony or reception will give you an outdoorsy touch without sacrificing an urban feel. Loft spaces are great for summer weddings too. Awash in windows, you can avoid high temperatures while still taking advantage of bold sunsets and glittering Nashville skyline views.

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Myth #5: The heat will ruin everything

Sure, summer can be hot. But don't let the naysayers get you down. If you know there's a decent chance it will be especially hot on your wedding day, make plans to avert any weather-related disasters. Avoid wilting blooms in the bouquets and boutonnieres by asking your florist to steer you toward hardier blooms, like orchids and lilies. Consider water-submerged centerpieces featuring Mokara orchids. Because the flowers are completely under water, they'll keep cool all night long. And as for your wedding cake, get fondant instead of buttercream to avoid a melting mess (and really try to keep it cool as long as possible if its going to be outside!). If you're set on the rich taste of buttercream without the fondant, display the cake during your cocktail hour and then have the cake cutting at the beginning of your reception (if it looks like it might melt to smithereens, cut it in the kitchen...).

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Happy Planning!

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