Flower Myths - busted!

The rest of this week focuses on popular myths when it comes to weddings and planning. Check back for more tips!

Flower Myths

Think you have to carry roses in your bouquet? Or that you can't have carnations at a wedding (there really is an amazing way to use carnations and make them beautiful!)? Think again. Here, we've debunked some of the most common wedding flower myths.

Myth #1: High ceilings equal tall centerpieces

The idea that brides need high centerpieces in order to balance with their venue's high ceilings (or with the sky outside), just isn't true. The problem is that the height ends up getting in the way of conversation. Instead, stick to lower centerpieces that you can see over, so nothing gets in the way of your guests having a good time. If you're worried about them not looking prominent enough, you can move outward rather than upwards. Build a low garden throughout the table, just make sure your guests can see over it.

Myth #2: Silk flowers are cheaper but they also look cheap, so I have no choice but real flowers.

Believe it or not, these days silk can cost you just as much as the real thing. But for that price, you’ll get silk flowers that look just as real. There's no savings in using high quality silk, but you do keep it forever. (on the other hand, what are you going to do with all those centerpieces?!) There are some other advantages. If you're having an outdoor wedding on the beach in the heat of summer, you don’t have to worry about anyone's bouquets wilting. Likewise, if you're having a wedding in the middle of a Minnesota winter, you can still carry pink peonies down the aisle. It's also a great way to have whatever flowers you want even if you or your groom are highly allergic. Bottom line, brides should not let the "fake flower" stigma deter them from using a little silk.

The silk vs. fresh is as hot a topic as albums vs. discs for photography. Everyone has their own priorities and their own opinion. Just know that you have options.

Myth #3: My wedding is in the spring so I must use pastels and not deep hues.

This is just not true. :) Check out our Spring Myths post.

Myth #4: Carnations are funeral flowers and are just plain ugly and cheap!

Despite the fact that brides might be aghast at the thought of carrying a bouquet of carnations, there's really nothing wrong with them. Carnations come in such a variety of colors, some people may not even recognize them as being a carnation. The key is to stay open-minded. If you're looking to save a little, consider carnations. My favorite way to use them is as the exclusive flower. It's striking! We promise, your bouquets will still be gorgeous.

Myth #5: I can get any flower anytime. Season doesn't really matter anymore.

Think again, bridezilla-to-be! Despite greenhouses and importing exotic blends, every flower imaginable still may not be available at your whim. And if it is, chances are, it will cost much more than anything in season. Make your first choice requests on flowers, but then also have a Plan B. Tulips are not always available in the middle of August and if they are, they will be much more expensive than other flowers. Work with your florist so that your Plan B arrangements and bouquets are still flowers that you love and ones that your florist is positive will be available at decent prices. If you simply must have a certain type of flower, you can also consider using silk flowers (see Myth #2 above).

Myth #6: I'm a super trendy fashionista. Therefore, my flowers should be super trendy too!

Weddings should look and feel timeless, and in many ways, that's not a hard thing to achieve. But no matter the time period, you should stick to round style bouquets. They are timeless. It's nice to be avant-garde, but you don’t want to have something that looks dated two weeks after the wedding (hello powder blue tuxes and ruffled shirts!). Bring out the super trendy side of you in other ways, such as your food displays!


Happy Planning!

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