Cake Myths - Busted!

The final entry in our mini-series: wedding myths - busted!  


Myth #1: You can never be too sweet.

The most pliable of icings (fondant, marzipan, gum paste) are made that way with tons and tons of sugar. Of course, we've got as sweet a tooth as the next bride, but too much of a good thing is -- too much of a good thing. Counter your fondant masterpiece with a tart fruit filling to cut through the sweetness. Does looking at your cake make your teeth hurt? Serve your caramelized creation with a side of fresh berry coulis. This tangy puree of fresh fruit (I especially like raspberry) will balance out the sweetness of even the most sugary of desserts.

Myth #2: Its not enough to serve only wedding cake/I cannot NOT have a wedding cake!

Some brides have wedding cake AND ice cream stations AND chocolate fountains AND a dessert table AND a groom's cake. More power to them. And their dentists. But you shouldn't feel like all these delectables are mandatory for your wedding. Your mother is right -- a delicious wedding cake or dessert table is far and away enough dessert to offer your guests.

Myth #3: Its cheaper to make your own cake or have a friend make it.

This is one area where you simply should not skimp. Unless you closely know a professional baker {and I mean professional not a friend who makes great birthday cakes} this one area where only professionals can hand you a beautiful, perfect cake. Wedding cakes can by expensive, but just add up the cost of ingredients, tools and equipment, not to mention the time spent researching, baking and making those little tiny marzipan cabbage roses -- you've got a costly and labor-intensive DIY project on your hands. There are trade-offs, even if you are a professional-level baker. Besides, we're guessing you have more tasks on your hands than time to bake your cake.

Myth #4: Simple cakes are less expensive than elaborate cakes.

In light of your budget, you opt for the cake with the cleanest lines imaginable. Well, guess what? You might as well go for over-the-moon decorations. With most bakers these days, the intricate details are no more expensive than smooth fondant by itself. So go in with a budget, share it with your baker and design away!


Happy Planning!

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