Shades of Beauty

I ran across this earlier in the week and it is a perfect example of bridesmaids dresses - they do not need to match in color! Over the last 5-6 years we have slowly moved away from the idea that bridesmaids must be in the exact same dress: color and style. I am happy to say that now more often than not, brides offer a color to their girls and then let them decide on style. I have always been a firm believer that not every girl looks good in every color. I'm not at my best in a pale shade of yellow. Give me a darker hue and I can strut around in that like nobody's business. However, a dear friend of mine with gorgeous long dark hair looks brilliant in pale yellow. THIS is a perfect example of giving your girls a color and then letting them go! Let them choose a shade and style that works best for their body and their looks. They will be happy. You will be happy. Your pictures will be happy.

See - everyone wins!

Happy Planning!

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