Ribbons: think Off the Box!

Ribbon has become such a commodity with easy access in weddings that it’s very often overlooked except for the usual ways of tying napkins, menus and favor boxes. But using ribbons as part of your decor- now that’s genius! I love the ribbon walls that have been popping up all over! Don’t be fooled- they take a little bit of work, with the measuring cutting, and creating. It’s so worth it though. A few fun ways to use ribbon:

Chair decor! Love this look. So fresh!

Ribbon Walls! A great backdrop for anything that needs a little pizazz or "high lighting".  Hang photos (I suggest reprints not originals and hanging them with double sided tape so it does not pull the ribbon down with weight!) for a fun interactive for guests and by all means - pull them back into a curtain if you decide to highlight a band or a cake!

Ribbon walls make a great backdrop, as you can see. They’re perfect for photo booths, or behind a table that you want to direct focus too.

For smaller/shorter Ribbon Walls consider making them dual purpose - shortly before you leave detach the ribbon wands and use them as your send off!

Happy Planning!

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