Pop of Purple

Gina Kates:  pop of purple. graphic floors   silver geometric painted floors, gray cabinets, ...*Photo courtesy of Decor Pad

While working on an inspiration board for a client, I ran across this photo. I love this intentional pop of color in an unexpected place! I guarantee that when she first began talking about painting their ceiling purple and leaving the rest of the room in white, soft grays and other neutral tones her husband probably gave her the crazy look. But it is gorgeous! She stuck to her guns and created an insanely beautiful space.

This does translate into weddings, ladies and gents! :) Just because you have not "seen it" does not mean that it will not look incredible. My favorite weddings are the ones when a bride goes out and does her own thing and owns her wedding. Take that crazy idea and run with it!

He'll love it in the end.

Happy planning!

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