Out with the Old ~ In with the New!

We have a new look!

I'm so excited to present our new wardrobe on Wednesday, designed by the ever so talented and clever Daiva from Design in August. I have wanted to rebrand for over a year and finally found the perfect fit in DiA. Daiva did her due diligence to understand me, as the client, and what look and feel I was going for with Music City Events. I gave her a dozen or so photos, logos and random things that I liked and she was able to get a very good sense of what I was drawn to {that still puzzles me, because I feel like I did not really give her a lot to go on!! ha}.


Daiva is my go-to for custom logos for my brides and she can create anything from logos to invitations to announcements to place cards to stationary to... well, you get the picture. :)

While she and I are still working on some things to enhance the new logo, I could not wait to display and showcase the new logo. You know how that goes.


Until Wednesday though, I encourage to visit Daiva at Design in August and check out some killer work she has created for all types of clients!




Happy planning!


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