Featuring: Truepix Cinematic Videography

For all those out there who want videography for their day.... I LOVE THIS COMPANY. Like all vendors, they do not "fit" with everyone, but Samantha and Luke rock it out on the wedding day!
They offer one comprehensive package that covers your entire day. And I mean the whole thing. All 8, 10 or 12 hours of it!
Check out their website for lots of teasers and highlights of previous weddings!

And here's a little about True Pix, from the creator himself!

1. YOU + YOUR COMPANY: We are a Cinematic Wedding Video Company...we make film style videos of weddings, and we love it! We use state of the art equipment, and top of the line staff to create a unique and unforgettable wedding day film.
2. WHY: This part of our company is alive because of a love for weddings that Samantha and I share. Growing up my mother was a caterer, and I spent every weekend of my life at a wedding. After mom retired i began playing piano at weddings, and again spent every weekend at weddings. Since then we have been shooting videos, and this is our passion! We love capturing unique story and shots throughout the day and providing the Bride & Groom with a video they will always cherish!
3. FAVORITE: Meeting new couples. We love meeting new people, and part of being a videographer for weddings is also creating relationships. We have formed many strong friendships with Bride and Grooms over the years, and we hope we can continue!
4. YOUR TYPICAL WEEKEND: Friday Night we at rehearsal checking for camera locations, angles, and flow of the wedding. Saturday morning we are up early having a full production meeting and going over the entire days schedule with the staff. We then hand out gear, and go shoot. We shoot the entire day from beginning to end at the wedding. At the end of the night we head home and are usually so tired that everything we say is funny, so the crew carpool back home is usually a blast!!
5. FAVORITE: As a child i loved Jungle Juice. To this day it is one of those things that rank pretty high on my favorite list, next to sports.
6. THINGS THAT: A thing that makes me smile and laugh is hanging out with friends. To me that is one of my most cherished events that happens in my life. Would do it everyday if possible. Also our dogs, they are a trip! One is completely Blind, and the other takes advantage of that. Quite funny to sit back and watch, just be careful when walking through the yard, blind dog doesn't really know where you are and he runs fast...:)
7. FAVORITE:I have several favorite movies...growing up I could have watched "the Replacements" over and over because of my love for football. However I think one of the best movies I have ever seen is the "Illusionist". It is a phenomenal movie in many aspects. And you can never go wrong with movies that are just funny...such as Talledega Nights, Dodgeball, etc...
8. WHAT DO YOU: Free Time...heard of it, never really had it. My wife and I spend a lot of time riding our bikes through town and visit local businesses, playing tennis (poorly), working on the house, working with kids from different camps, or just hanging out and loving life.
9. ADVICE: Take a deep breathe and look around. This one special day of your life will be over in what seems like a literal snap. Don't forget to enjoy the moments that you have been waiting for your whole life. Take mental snapshots of your day as it happens, and don't forget to always love and cherish your partner.
10. ANY: Don't let go of video for your wedding. We don't care who you book with, whether us or any other company, but video is the one medium that can truly capture emotion, and that is something that is priceless. You will be so thankful after your wedding that you had video, and we promise it will be one of the best decisions you ever made. Life Happy, Love Long. Smile :)
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Happy planning!

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