Ken + Barbie: A Real Wedding!

OH. MY. LOVE. This is one of the most fantastic things I've seen. I love Barbie. As in I-collected-Barbie-Dolls-for-years love them. And still have them! Packaged safely away in my dad's attic. Barbie and Ken used to host a wedding at least once a week when I was growing up. They served family style and their menu included roasted turkey {Ken carved}, wine, grapes and a smattering of other plastic food. They had the ceremony on the front steps of my two story Antebellum Barbie House {complete with columns, carpet and wall paper. How cool were my parents?!} and the reception was always a smash hit! At the end of the evening, Barbie and Ken were whisked away in a white stretch limo.

I SO wish I had captured it and made an album. How fun would that be? The following "Real Wedding" is just wonderful. It makes me giddy and take me back to being 7! Enjoy!


BK-006.jpg BK-007.jpg BK-013.jpg BK-021.jpg BK-028.jpg BK-043.jpg BK-045.jpg BK-054.jpg BK-057.jpg BK-062.jpg BK-067.jpg BK-069.jpg BK-071.jpg BK-074.jpg BK-077.jpg BK-086.jpg BK-087.jpg BK-090.jpg BK-093.jpg BK-096.jpg BK-106.jpg BK-112.jpg BK-127.jpg BK-135.jpg BK-137.jpg BK-141.jpg BK-143.jpg BK-148.jpg BK-155.jpg BK-156.jpg BK-159.jpg BK-172.jpg BK-199.jpg BK-201.jpg BK-203.jpg BK-207.jpg BK-209.jpg BK-219.jpg BK-228.jpg BK-230.jpg BK-232.jpg BK-234.jpg BK-239.jpg BK-243.jpg BK-246.jpg BK-258.jpg BK-260-2.jpg BK-265.jpg BK-268.jpg BK-271.jpg BK-278-2.jpg BK-278.jpg BK-319.jpg BK-324.jpg Super-talented—and super-creative!—photographer Beatrice de Guigne masterminded this ingenious photo shoot then captured it all on film over three days. I found the photos over on Rock n Roll Bride and just had to share them with you!

Beatrice told Rock n Roll Bride: “Barbie & Ken were married at Faraway Castle, in Plasticity. The bride bought her dress from The Fairy Godmother shop and her shoes from the Cinderella Store. The groom wore a suit from The Prince Charming Emporium. The couple met more than 50 years ago (yes I know they look young). Barbie was tired of waiting so she asked Ken to get married.”

You can read more about what inspired the shoot and what went into it on Beatrice’s blog.

Seriously, how fantastic is this? Who else is impressed?! Read More

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