Dare to Dream!

Guest Blog by Sammy Cortino


As if your special day isn't going to be magical enough, how about hiring an illusionist to entertain your guests? For “Magic’s Royal Duke” Sammy Cortino, magic is an art: an image of life. Whether performing on a stage or using a restaurant table as his stage, Sammy’s performance utilizes classic illusions incorporated into drama, music, dance, and comedy as a theatrical medium to express life and preserve magic’s foundation for future generations. (and his website is pretty cool, too!)

1) Illusionists aren't something that most bride's think of when they consider wedding day entertainment for their guests. What are some upsides to hiring you for their cocktail or reception?

Magic is something different and really fun. Above all else, it really engages people and stimulates participation which allows people to remember it better. It's also something catchy and dynamic, which you see when I do a set that's choreographed to music with stage magic. Finally, every show I deliver (like any product) is geared toward the audience. No floppy top hats.......unless it's requested.....in which case we'll talk about it!

2) How long have you been in your trade? I've performed magic since age six and professionally since age eleven. Like an artist will tell you, it's always been my passion.

3) What's your favorite movie? :) Pirates of the Caribbean is a classic for sure!

4) What are some tips/advice that you can share with brides? Keep a journal of you wedding planning and look back at it after you're happily married. You'll learn a lot about yourself.

5) Do you have upcoming public shows that potential clients can see you at? Potential clients can catch me at The Rutledge on August 1st at 7:00PM. I'm performing my live music/magic concert format, where a rock band backs me as I perform. (you can see his tour schedule on his website!)

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLfdwJdOLZY&w=560&h=315]

Learn more at www.sammycortino.com and enjoy planning your wedding -- it's a very special occasion!

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Written by: Valerie Mondelli, Music City Events Intern

A little about Valerie:
Approaching my last semester as an Undergrad at The University of Tennessee, I have been fortunate to serve as an Intern on the Music City Events team. After studying Hospitality and Business for the last 4 years, I knew I wanted to focus on Special Events. While growing up in Nashville I've always loved the city, but my hope was to gain more experience in Nashville Events behind the scenes. Having the opportunity to work in the wedding scene for Music City Events has opened my eyes to something much larger in Nashville. I couldn't be more proud of this city and all it has to offer in this industry. I have loved being able to see how everything comes together so perfecty and the dedication of everyone involved. Each wedding I've been able to experience as an Intern has been more than fabulous and each unique in their own way. Although, my favorite part about weddings is getting to know the couple and seeing their love story come to life.