Interactive Food Stations{!}: Taking It to a New Level

  When it comes to throwing a wedding reception, presentation is everything!

A Music City Event! ~ photography by Joe Hendricks

With the popularity of shows like Top Chef, creative catering styles have become a big part of the reception décor. Cocktail hours and receptions are adding to the excitement with interactive chef-attended food stations. Many couples are even choosing to go with a cocktail  style reception by using the interactive food stations and several displays of small bites.

Food stations are fun for your guests because they are able to enjoy food and drinks at their own pace while mixing and mingling. Even adding just one of these interactive food stations to the traditional buffet or sit-down reception can make a great addition.

Tasting Plates on Food Stations Catering Trends Peter Callahan

Love prime rib but hate carving stations? Create mini-sliders! Want to have a dessert display that is different from the others you’ve seen this year? Go for a crêpe station! {We did one in June 2012 and it was a HIT!}

Creating unique stations that reflect your ethnicity or locale can also be very special. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make these details memorable. You can easily up the WOW factor of everyday favorites with creative and fun presentation!

The following list includes 11 of our favorite Interactive Food Bars {because a “Food Bar” sounds way more fun than a “Food Station”!):

1. Crêpe Bar Have savory or sweet options for something really creative! Serve with nutella and strawberries or sauteed mushrooms and chives!

2. Wine Tasting Bar Sign me up! Who wouldn’t enjoy this?

3. Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Bar Right? For the geek-y guy in all of us. J Guests can create their own blends with toppings!

4. Crème Brûlée Station


5. Sushi Bar Be sure to have non-sushi eater friendly options, like shrimp or veggies rolls!

6. Espresso Bar Espresso, gourmet coffees and teas – and don’t forget hot chocolate for the kids {even the grown up variety}. Include cinnamon, whipped cream, nutmeg, rock candy {in place of cane sugar! Cute stirrers, too} and cream. J

7. Stir Fry Bar Let guests set their own levels of spice and toppings.

8. S’mores Bar We first did a Late Night Snack S’mores bar in September of 2011 and BOY did the guests devour it. SO fun.

                                          A Music City Event! ~ photographs by Wedlock Images

9. Gourmet Grilled Cheese Bar EVERYONE loves grilled cheese – create this comfort childhood fave with mini loaves of bread so guests can try several kinds!

10. Cupcake Bar Have several flavors of mini cupcakes available along with prettily displayed icings and toppings to choose from.

11. Chip-n-Dip Bar My best friend married in May of this year and he loooooves chips. We created a Chip-n-Dip Bar that included a trio of homemade chips and several types of salsas and cheeses to try.

A Catered Affair {Yummy caterer, here in Nashville!}

We also have an AWESOME interactive dessert bar coming up in September. But until then - it's Top Secret! I look forward to seeing this creation come to life!

Happy planning {and tasting!}!

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