REAL Info on How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer

We are excited to be featured on Ashley's Bride Guide today - an amazing Nashville based website for Brides. Check it out!

How to Hire Your Wedding Photographer;  INVALUABLE Advice from a Nashville Wedding Planner

Monday, December 17, 2012

When you are recently engaged, it makes sense to start your search for a photographer by visiting websites like Ashleys Bride Guide, which lead you to blogs and websites to check out photographers. But what then? At some point, you have to narrow down those you like and meet them in person. Instead of asking a photographer for advice on how to hire a photographer, I decided to reach out to a wedding planner who hears the testimonials and gripes directly from brides about photographers on who they loved, didn't love, and what they wish they'd done. Sarah Willard of Music City Events' advice below on how to hire your photographer is absolutely invaluable and will save you a lot of stress and regrets down the road.

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Happy planning and Merry Christmas!

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