Friday or Sunday, anyone? 3 Reasons to Skip Saturday

Saturdays have long-held the top spot for wedding dates, but this ever-present popularity often means brides must make very quick wedding planning decisions in order to get the venue and vendors they desire. After all, there are only a certain number of Saturdays to be had each year!

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1. Many venues offer a discount on pricing for non-Saturday weddings.

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of having your wedding at a certain location, but when the time comes to actually book the venue, that second Saturday in June opening is no longer available! Don’t think you have to drop the venue, however. Saturdays tend to fill up very quickly for wedding venues, but by opening up the possibility of getting married on a Friday or Sunday, you increase your chances of scoring your picture-perfect venue, AND there’s a very good chance you’ll receive a discounted price!

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2. You’ll have more time to spend with your guests.

Granted, this may not necessarily be a positive thing. Kidding! Seriously though, as someone who has been at many a wedding, I know they go by way too quickly, and I know they go by even faster for the bride and groom. It seems a shame to invite all your friends and family to your big event and only get to spend a few hours of time with them.

By having your wedding take place on a Friday, you can extend the post-nuptial fun by having bridal brunches and getting your guests involved in local activities the rest of the weekend. It will help you to enjoy the day of your actual wedding a little more, because you won’t feel as rushed. You can relax knowing you’ll still have plenty of time to hang out with guests before you leave for your honeymoon on Sunday (OR Monday...). Don’t worry that you’ll have a smaller guest list because of your Friday wedding. I have actually seen a higher rate of guests RSVP-ing to Friday weddings rather than those taking place on Saturdays! This especially is a good idea in busy wedding seasons when a guest may be invited to two or three weddings on a particular weekend.

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3. A wider range of vendors will be available to you.

Since wedding venues are reserved quickly for Saturday dates, it only makes sense that your favorite vendors will be booked in lightning speed as well for those Saturdays. Although you may not be able to have everything perfect on your wedding day, you should strive to get as much as you can the way you want. You deserve it!

By getting married on a Friday or Sunday, you’ll have a greater chance of getting to book more of the vendors you want. There will be a higher number of photographers, caterers, etc. available to you if you’re open to non-Saturday dates. This also means that you’ll get choose from the highest quality vendors – not just who’s left.

Happy Planning!

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