How Pinteresting! Pros + Cons to Pinterest Planning

Oh, Pinterest! How I hate love despise love you. You are such an awesome awful awesful tool for my clients! (I'd like to thank Barney Stinson for creating the word Awesful).

I work with my clients to create custom inspiration boards for their event. Before Pinterest, this was a fun and accessible way to hone in on their dream wedding or party and then have a board to work from. It STILL IS FUN! AND I STILL DO IT! :) ... but now we have Pinterest to pull from, too!

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 Music City Events Inspiration Board

I have had a few bride's freak out when someone asks them for their Pinterest ID - "Do I need that, Sarah?" "Will we be able to plan with out it?!" etc. So, just a short sweet note on my feelings regarding Pinterest. :)

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  1. It's fun! Playing online and looking at every wedding site you can is pretty natural. Pinning things allows you to keep your favorites.
  2. It really gives you a sense of the things you love! You can literally see your style in front of you!
  3. It's fun! oh wait, I already said that. :)


  1. It's overwhelming. Not everyone wants to "have to have" a Pinterest board. And that's okay. Don't cave to the pressure if you don't want it. (That's called peer pressure and you're supposed to resist that. Remember?)
  2. It's TIME CONSUMING! Before I know it, while looking for one or two ideas for a client, I have spent 3 hours on Pinterest. :) Usually between 10p and 1a. 
  3. You can totally lose your sense of what you want. There is just so much out there that you can easily get swayed from one thing to the other which often leaves you feeling overwhelmed (see #1) and with a total inability to make a decision.

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You know I have an opinion on this. :)

  1. If you want to play, by all means do so! Just remember that it is FUN and don't stress out.
  2. Occasionally go through and "clean up" your wedding board. In the beginning everything is awesome and you will pin a ton of crazy crap. After a few months of planning, you will have a better idea of what you actually want. Kick the rest of that stuff out!
  3. Don't have one if you don't want it. We've been planning for YEARS without Pinterest and I bet anything you can plan your event without it, too.

...and yeah. We have one. Check it out here ------> Music City Events Pinterest!

So, happy pinninglanning!

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