Old + Blue... and anything but traditional!

A busy bride has a lot of decisions to make while planning her wedding. Among the list of things to check off: fulfilment of the old adage, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence for your shoe!” These Items, symbolizing continuity, optimism for the future, dependence on friends and family, fidelity and luck have been embraced for ages as "must haves" for a bride on her wedding day.

Nowadays, the sixpence has all but fallen off of the well known saying, though true traditionalists will insist upon it (it is supposed to grant you wealth and happiness, ladies!). Among the most common four “somethings” the easiest items to check off of the list are the something new (dress, shoes, etc.) and something borrowed (jewelry, handbag, etc.). Many brides are left scratching their head, however, over creative ways to incorporate something old and something blue into their day!

Something Old:

If you aren’t planning on wearing a family heirloom it can be hard to come up with something old for your big day. Here are a few suggestions:

If you are one of the unfortunate brides, as I was, to have a mother who measured to a modern day size “00” when she got married or perhaps she succumbed to the oh-so-dreadful fashion crazes of the 80’s - wearing her dress isn’t always exactly an option, or desire. Instead, try and think of creative ways to incorporate pieces of her dress. I went the simple route, by having a piece of lace from my mother’s gown added to the handle of my bouquet. You can also add details on to your veil, ring bearer pillow, or guest book!

Photo credit: JeniLu Photography

Bouquet arrangement:Belles Fleurs

Your something old doesn’t always have to come from the women in the family, either. A dear friend of my, Cecelia, went a different route by pinning her dad’s old dog tags to her Army garter. It meant a lot to her, as her new husband is also a veteran of the US Army.

Photo credit: David and Tammy Molnar

Another special old item you may be able to use on your big day is an antique broach. Many people have them within the family, which would be particularly sentimental. If not, use it as a good excuse to go antique shopping!

You can pin a broach to your dress, bouquet handle, ring bearer pillow, hand bag- just about anywhere. Not only will it fulfill your needs for something old, it will look absolutely fabulous, too!

Photo Credit: Sarah E Photography

Something Blue:

Although blue may not be a signature color in your wedding, something about it is just “bridal”. There are so many options for your something blue. Here are some of my favorites...

You can have so much fun finding something blue. Rachel, the bride pictured below, threw a punch of color into her ensemble with her adorable blue nail poilish!

Photo Credit: Jamie Stump

Embroidery is one of the most timeless and elegant crafts to me. It really makes an instant heirloom out of just about anything. In the picture below, the bride had her monogram embroidered in blue onto a handkerchief for her big day. You can also have your wedding date embroidered into the lining of your dress, or your monogram embroidered onto the ring bearer’s pillow.

Photo Credit: Sarah E Photography

Another great way to get the blue hue in is with some fabulous shoes! You can go for full on blue shoes for a bolder look, or do a blue sole for something a little more subtle. I took the DIY route with my shoes (pictured below) and painted the soles with nail laquer myself!

Photo Credit: Jessica at The Collection Photography

In the end you want your traditional “somethings” to be personal to you. Have fun with it, be creative, and enjoy making your day yours!







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