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I read the story of the Wise Clerk this morning and as I sit here, sipping my first cup of coffee, I wondered "What if brides applied that to their wedding planning process? If they expect a few bumps but overall a happy outcome - will they be a more content bride, in the end?"

Hunt_Hawkins_Chris_and_Adrienne_Scott_Photographers_HHuntFaves0038_lowThis couple focused on each other and their family and friends. They could not have been less stressed about small details and were so happy on their wedding day! {Chris & Adrienne Scott Photography}

One day, a stranger walked in, picked up some bread and milk, and made his way to the cash register.

“New to town?” the clerk asked.

“Yep. Just moved here with my family,” the stranger replied.

“Well, then let me be the first to welcome you,” the clerk offered, extending his hand.

“Thanks,” the stranger said as he shook it. “Say, what are the people like in this town?”

“Well … what were they like in the town you just left?” the clerk queried.

“Oh, they were fantastic,” the stranger replied. “Friendly, upbeat, and generous. We hated to leave.”

“I know what you mean,” the clerk nodded. “I think that’s pretty much what you’ll find here, too.”

A few days later, another stranger walked into the convenience store. Like the first, he picked up a few staples and headed to the cash register.

The same clerk asked, “New to town?”

“Yes,” the stranger mumbled. “Just arrived.”

Following the same track, the clerk smiled and extended his hand. “Let me be the first to welcome you!”

The stranger took his hand reluctantly, frowned, and quickly looked down. “So what are the people like in this town?”

“Well … what were they like in the town you lived in last?” the clerk queried.

“Not great,” he stammered. “They were cold, aloof, and selfish. We were glad to get out of there.” He looked up at the clerk.

“I know what you mean,” the clerk affirmed. “I’m afraid that’s probably what you’ll find here, too.”

Hunt_Hawkins_Chris_and_Adrienne_Scott_Photographers_HHuntFaves0100_lowAt the end of the night - sending wishes into the night sky. {Chris & Adrienne Scott Photography}


If it’s true that we get what we expect, it’s worth noticing our expectations—and shifting them toward a more positive outcome.

Happy Monday!

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