Meet our New Associate Coordinator - Mary Anna!

Associate Event Planner.

Three words I’d never thought would be on the pages of my book of life, but here we are and here I am. As junior public relations major at Belmont University with a newfound passion for events, this new job couldn’t have come at a better time.


I fell in love with events at an early age, but really rediscovered this love during my sophomore year. You see, the awesome thing about my major is that I have the option to take an event planning class as an elective. So I did…and let me tell you, this class taught me so much. The final project was planning a walk for Sertoma Club of Nashville and it required the entire class to work together to make sure the event was successful.

This class also really opened my eyes to the many opportunities Nashville has for the event planning industry. I met Bo Jennings of Chef’s Market catering one week when he came to speak to the class about catering. He was awesome and told us if we ever need a job or internship to contact him (little did he know I was currently on the hunt for a job) so I emailed him asking him if they had any openings. Next thing you know I’m working for Chef’s Market! This experience taught me invaluable lessons about events and the food industry but most importantly, it is how I got in contact with the lovely Sarah Willard.

As an associate coordinator, I’m sure I’ll be seeing a lot of you at our events. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. I believe everyone has a story and each is as important as the next. The uniqueness of our lives is what makes the world so beautiful. I want each of you to know a little bit about me. Here are 5 random things you should know about me:

1.  I am a Disney FANATIC (the Little Mermaid is my favorite of all time. 2.  I love to cook. (I also bake) 3.  Even though I have never been, I’m obsessed with Paris. (I will be going someday) 4.  I am a bookworm. This also means I can be a bit geeky, but hey, who doesn't love a nerd?! 5.  Finally, I am as feisty as I am sweet. This probably has something to do with the fact that I’m a red-head! (GINGERS RULE)

I can't wait to meet you!

~ Mary Anna