the Guest List (insert scary music!)

The Guest List. Yeesh.

You’re engaged! How exciting! I'm thrilled for you! When is the wedding? We cannot wait for an invitation!

Being engaged is very exciting, no doubt, but it can also be overwhelming as people find out, congratulate you and inquire as to the date so they can add it to their calendar... So. Who do you invite to your special day? Every bride grapples with this question, so don’t feel stressed! Below are a few key tips to keep in mind.

  1. Your guest list will impact more than just who attends your wedding. The size of your wedding (in terms of attendees) will directly affect the cost, the available locations, what type of food is affordable for your budget, how many flowers and tables and linens and chairs and glasses of wine and beer and ...and...and. It. Affects. Everything. So think long and hard about whether you prefer a light fare served buffet style for 250 or a great meal served family style to your nearest and dearest 150. Remember, you don’t have to invite EVERYONE you know to have a wonderful wedding.

  1. Keep family in mind when making your guest list. Remember you are joining TWO families together, and you don’t want to leave any family members out or hurt any feelings on either side of the aisle, so consult with your fiancee during the process.

(remember Meet the Parents? :) )

  1. If at all possible, ensure every guest attending your wedding knows at least one other person there excluding their “plus-one”. This will make your party more enjoyable for everyone (and possibly help you “weed-out” some of the people that might really just be acquaintances).


Happy sipping! (Because what goes better with "guest list" producing than a taste testing yummy signature drinks?!)

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