Planning in the Digital Age

Let’s face it – one of the perks of living in this day and age is the access to technology. Every day there seems to be a new app or website designed to make our lives easier. Here are a few of our favorites that you might not know about:

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1. Brideside

Do you have bridesmaids that seem to be on the four corners of the earth? No problem! This site allows you to shop hundreds of dress styles and colors for your bridal party. For $10 you can have a sample of the dress sent right to your door. Their bridal party dashboard allows you to check the status of your party’s orders and gives them a reminder about the latest possible date to order their dress in order for it arrive in time. It's a win-win for both you and your bridesmaids!

2. BevMo

Every bride wants to make sure their guests have enough fun at the reception – what better way than an open bar! But how do you know if you’ve secured enough on the libation front? BevMo‘s drink calculator can ease those concerns! Simply type in the number of guests and it will give you the number of drinks to consider per person. You can also determine your beer – to wine – to spirits ratio. Afterwards, they’ll provide recommendations – what else could you ask for?

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3. AppyCouple

For brides with friends and families coming in from out of town, this app provides access to all of the details about the big day. Guests can socialize and eMeet with whole bridal party and even make their travel arrangements. On the big day, then can take and upload pictures from their phone. The app also allows guests that may not be able to attend to still share in your big day by streaming photos taken during the day. Both you and your guests will enjoy all this app has to offer!

There are many more planning tools out there - what are some of your favorites? Feel free to share with us - we love the planning process and anything that can make it easier for everyone!