Dare to Be Different - Part 1

Dare to be different. It's a running thought for most of our brides. They don't want what their mothers had. Or their best friend. Or their favorite older cousin who got married recently. Sure Pinterest is fun, but … well, it is starting to look an awful lot alike in Pinterest World. What began as a way to expand brides' minds and show them amazing things that can be done has become just another place to become overwhelmed, be exposed to too much, or honestly to see what you see everywhere else. Dare. To be. Different.

I get it. It's a once in a lifetime event. It's the biggest celebration you will likely ever have. Weddings are tremendously emotional and full of love. I always encourage my clients to express their individual personalities and their "couple style". Every one knows you can do that with colors, with menu items (hello favorite late night snack!), and of course with your attire. But, what are some other ways you can reclaim your wedding?

1) Celebrations In some cultures it's traditional to have the ladies of the evening gather for a party and the men gather for a separate one. Dare to Be Different and throw something similar before the rehearsal dinner. Hand massages and mimosas for the ladies, while men get to watch the game, enjoy a cigar and flights of local beer! Be creative with how you celebrate with your guests. There are hardly any rules anymore.

2) Attire Attire is the easiest way to express your style and personality. Fashion is an ever moving animal that allows you to really express yourself. It's a normal thing now, but several years ago when brides first began wearing brightly colored shows - oh my! Who says you have to wear white? Prior to Queen Victoria in the mid 1800s, white was not the go-to color. Wear your best color! White does not look good on me. I don't want to wear black either, but will likely go for blue or green! And don't forget to give yourself options. Perhaps a traditional dress and veil for the ceremony and a brightly colored shrug, belt, brooch or skirt for the reception!

3) Timing I have always loved unusual timing for events. Why not have a brunch reception with your guests and a private early morning ceremony? Or, if you're a night owl, what about a midnight ceremony followed by late night snacks or, really, you could do the same brunch menu! Both options allow you spend your entire wedding day with your husband and really flexes that "Dare to Be Different' attitude.


Our 3-part, Dare to Be Different Series was created by Sarah, owner and ceo of Music City Events.  With years of experience helping couples plan their wedding, she knows a thing or two about how to make your wedding a true expression of you, the couple.  Her engaged couples are confident, savvy and know who they are.  She partners with her clients to ensure their day is well planned and thoroughly enjoyed!