Dare to Be Different - Part 3

Sarah, owner and CEO of Music City Events, is our contributor today. This is part 3 of her series, Dare to Be Different.  See the last few weeks for Parts 1 and 2! ~~~

6) Menu - Family style is a nice option for dinner. Less formal than plated but warmer than buffets, family style brings your tables together, truly sharing their meal. - Pairing is my current favorite menu for events. While it's good to keep general tastes in mind, don't shy away from a little exploration via pairings. Tapas and tastings is a great way to broaden guests horizons while still providing a great menu. Some ideas:

7) Music This is my absolute favorite and more and more of our clients are choosing this fabulous fusion. Merge the band and dj into one amazing sensory experience for guests! Starting with a traditional band for cocktails and dinner can create high energy and fun interaction for guests. However, after the cake, why not dim the lights and throw on some fantastic House music or spin Top 40 with a high energy dj who knows exactly how to get guests on the dance floor?

Whatever you choose to do, just be you.

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