What Inspired Our New Look!

As the new owners of Music City Events, we (Lindsy Read and Heather Prince) wanted to keep the strong foundation of Music City Events in tact. For us, it was a “no brainer” decision to continue the legacy that Sarah Willard spent over a decade refining. Yet, as with anything we believe in, we needed to make it our own…

MCE logo -paint circle.jpg

Our existing logo was a teal circle, with “MCE” written within its diameter in elaborate and fashionable print. We wanted our new logo to remain a circle in honor of our founder’s exquisite eye for event design and fashion.

Original Logo Painting.jpg

As wedding planners with Music City Events, we take great pride in being some of the most detailed in Nashville. We know that

a spectacular event is sometimes planned within the most minuscule of details.

Drawing from the originality of MCE, we wanted to incorporate our “feel”. We felt our investments in the company were a blend of structure and creativity.

As dreamers, we never settle for less than our ultimate vision. As professionals, we strive for results. As dreaming professionals, we never let snags along the way hinder us from getting the results we envision.

Our original redesign was to be a painted watercolor circle. However, the paint medium and definition was… not quite it. So, instead of giving up on the vision, we just changed paints. I, Heather, ended up painting it myself.

I don’t think Lindsy knew what she was getting into when entertaining the vision I had for the new logo. But, I knew that I was going to be staring at this circle for a while and I never wanted to settle on something I was not proud of.

I think that many of our couples choose Music City Events, because they can sense this passion we have, to do everything beautifully and perfectly. Like our clients, we want to be proud of our designs, we want to be original - set apart from the factory-built weddings, and willing to do whatever it takes to bring that vision into fruition.

Like most creatives, I get hung up on the process of creating, and need a strict deadline to break out of the lag. Like most business powerhouse bosses, Linds gave me one hour to come up with some options and she made a choice based on… texture.

If I may be obnoxious about this, I like to think of texture as representations of my business partner and I. I see myself as the lighter (carefree), blending (mediator), and watery (whimsical) textures, while Lindsy is darker (strong), determined (over-achieving), and defined (productive). All these textures collide into a beautiful work of art that represents a company we are proud to call our own. - H.Prince

MCE - logo- JPG.jpg

So, when giving the face of Music City Events a new look, we learned that what we dream about is possible when working as a team. Together, with our future clients, the beautiful weddings to come are sure to be a masterpiece. We cannot wait to see what they look like…