Professional Friends Are The Best!

We LOVE that we got to partner with some of our best “Friendors” for the fresh looks of MCE!





We got ourselves into a time bind! We needed new head shots and FAST! We had worked with GOLDN WEDDINGS before, and trusted Shelby to produce beautiful work…and she sure did!

Shelby is an absolute beast at getting amazing shots at the perfect moment. Lindsy and I had our crazy kids and dogs running around and causing mayhem during our entire photoshoot (story of our beautiful lives). Shelby was professional, focused, and RELAXING. Looking over our shots (that she got to us within days), you would have never known that my husky was dragging two muddy, flailing boys through our sunroom, with my one year old daughter riding them all like a circus monkey. Shelby is magical! Her cinematography is stunning, and so much positivity exudes from every movement of her films. We.Can.Not.Wait.To.Work.With.Shelby.Again.




Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 3.59.17 PM.png

Meena hails from the Bay Area in California. She can turn any living room into a beauty sanctuary. You will get the exact look you are dreaming of when she is the one doing it.

When discussing what looks we were going for with the shoot, she literally heard me say, “I want to be on the Rihanna level. But, not Rihanna in We Found Love, Rihanna in Diamonds.” Taking those words, Meena did our hair and makeup so that we felt totally glamorous and beautiful, while appropriately modeling our look to reflect the environment.



Screen Shot 2018-09-24 at 5.25.17 PM.png

Justin came through for us by completely designing and delivering a new website in just over one week!

When Lindsy and I took over MCE, we were excited to run with all the ideas and elements that we wanted to make our own. Justin came on board and understood our vision after one consultation. We adore him so much, and his work for us impressed even himself, as we are now planning his wedding reception in December (his ceremony will be in ICELAND!) Here’s to beautiful weddings AND beautiful wedding planner websites.


It really is nice to work with people who are passionate about what they do. You never know who you are going to meet, and what they will do to enhance your life in positive ways. Start by checking out our amazing friends, whose talent and services have made MCE’s look what it is today!

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