Run With Inspiration

Run With It…

I recently purchased a set of childrens cups for my daughter from a local children’s boutique store in Nashville. I failed to ask the sales associate if they were dishwasher safe - fail move. Later, In my research of the Bobo Choses brand, I found the cup care instructions to be in my favor and their 2019 Spring campaign to be absolutely inspiring. I was smitten with this image.

Let it be known that a children’s clothing campaign sparked a creative thought, which led to inspired searching and ultimately to a design concept that I am eager to bring into fruition. Bring.On.The.Turnips.&.Roses….

Meanwhile, I am having so much fun researching all the ways to incorporate vintage transportation into events, that have nothing to do with a grand adieu.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love a great vintage getaway (I myself chose a 1930’s stagecoach, pulled by retired Budweiser Clydesdales to escort my Groom and I in our wedding night farewell).

There is just something beautiful about using a piece of history to create a timeless memory in our modern events.

It is easy to over-consider your guest’s impressions. When we planners need to simply satisfy the expectations of our clients and of ourselves.

Who would have ever thought exposed metal table legs would look so right in a tablescape? NOT I!!!!! This designer knew what she wanted and the results were incredible, despite what closed minded guests may have thought.

I always encourage my clients to consider a lovely space to get ready for their day. I did not have someone educate me on my wedding day. The “Bridal Suite” that was provided by my venue became the grossest disaster of my wedding day. No getting ready photos will be made public because of how ugly and dirty the space was.

Think about the needs of yourself, those of your wedding party and those of family members you may want to visit with before the ceremony. And provide everyone with a clean and functional space to prepare. Even if that means renting a beautiful renovated Airstream for a Bridal Suite.

Mobile cocktails ALWAYS raise the bar…


A unique vehicle turned watering hole adds a layer of excitement and intrigue to the standard alcohol fare.

We at Music City Events are huge fans of Aerobar Nashville (bottom) & Bar Magnolia (top). When planning a great time in Nashville, their commitment to quality and fun service lack in nothing.

No matter the spark, let images and ideas ignite a vision for your special event.

Have fun.

Run with it.

Be creative.

Be considerate (of yourselves).

Love it.

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