Farewell to Mary Anna

Photo by Shelby Goldsmith

Photo by Shelby Goldsmith

Mary Anna started with Music City Events, as an intern, and quickly became one of our best event planners. At least 75 events were graced with her joyful presence, hard work, and dedication to creating a perfect experience. Several years ago, she landed a full time position with Houzz but stayed on as an assistant. We just couldn’t let her go! The time has come, however, for a new adventure. Join us in wishing her the very best as she moves to London at the end of the month to continue her work for Houzz. We are so grateful for her years of dedication and we have many happy couples and beautiful events to look back on.

From Heather

Webster’s Dictionary defines “Mary Anna” as: A little chip of Disney Word in whichever part of the planet she is in. In fact, I just returned from Disney World and every Magic Kingdom Princess I met told me that her name is referenced in every training manual they studied. They said she knows just how to smile at everyone- no matter what their outside looks like, she sees the beauty in all. She also knows how to light up fairy lights inside of your heart and soul.

Rumor has it, the composers of Peter Pan wrote “You Can Fly” to encourage us all the way they heard Mary Anna does. No matter the difficulties; “when there’s a smile in your heart, there’s no better place to start...there’s a Never land waiting for you”.

Sweetest Princess MA, as your happy thoughts and glitter dust carries you away to London, please say hello to Peter, Wendy, Michael and John. I have no doubt they will come to you for friendship.

The world knows you’re the best friend to have. I’m glad to have your magical self in my life and I’ll see you when I travel to England!




From Sarah

Mary Anna, I remember when you first joined MCE as an intern and how you threw yourself into the work and industry, delighted to learn everything. As I reflect, I come back to one thing: I’m so proud of you. Proud to watch you grow from an intern to a full planner with the company. Proud to see you give back to the community. Proud when you ventured out and applied your skills to a new job in a new company. And I continue to be proud as you move forward, embracing big adventures like moving to London. At least 75 events were graced with your joyful presence, hard work, and dedication to creating a perfect experience. Our clients were lucky to have you on their event. We were lucky to have you on the team. I am lucky to know you and share life with you. To say I am proud of you and thrilled for you is an understatement. But I am, so very much. Always. Enjoy everything, and know you always have friends cheering you on from the States.

With love, Sarah

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From Lindsy

Mary Anna, When I started working with the Music City Events team, you had just transitioned from intern to planner. You had the enthusiasm and energy of a Disney Princess and I knew that this new endeavor was going to be ok! You spread sunshine wherever you go and I’m 100% certain that you have gotten to where you are today because of the way people feel when they’re around you. But, let’s not forget your hard work. Late nights, slinging votives and bagging up linens, you were there. When I took my maternity leave on the busiest day in MCE history, you were there. Assisting my bride and running across the street to help another. (Good thing the venues were across the street!). I am so grateful to have spent these past 5 years alongside you and thrilled for your future in London. We wish you the very very very best and hope that you fall in love with a European so that I can plan the Paris wedding we’ve always talked about.

So much love,