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Meet our fabulous team.

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Lindsy Read, CEO

“I am a designer at heart, equal parts creative and administrative. I love to create events that feel unique and represent each client well.”

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Heather Prince, COO

“My life motto is to be a trusted person, and I love working with couples who trust me with marriage advice and planning their wedding day.”


Lindsy Read

Owner, CEO

When I was 17, I met a goofy guitarist with a heart of gold and knew I had to make him mine forever. We got married in a simpler time: before Pinterest! I have no idea how the wedding came together (Thanks, mom!) but we are still happily married and very much in love. We moved to Nashville in 2014. Born and raised in the breathtakingly gorgeous but woefully rainy Pacific Northwest, I appreciate Nashville’s hot summers and beautiful autumns.

Before Nashville, my husband and I lived in France for a year. I knew I needed a good camera so I purchased my first digital SLR camera. I practiced a lot during that year in Europe and started my photography business, shooting weddings, when we got back to the States. I spent the next 6 years doing corporate events and, when I moved to Nashville in 2014, married my two loves of weddings and events (pun intended) when I became a contracted wedding planner for Music City Events under the leadership of Sarah Willard.

In 2018, Sarah stepped down as owner of Music City Events and Heather and I took over this company that established itself as one of the best, most organized planning companies in Nashville. I’m very proud to carry on this legacy with Heather.

I am a designer at heart. I love to create events that feel unique and represent each client well.

I literally do not know how to relax. When I’m not working, I enjoy chasing after my boys, Liam and Ronan, tending to my chickens, walking my dog, training for marathons, writing, traveling and shopping.

Feel free to reach me directly at 615.988.0268


Heather Prince

Owner, COO

Northern-born, southern-raised. My first visit to Nashville was in November 2010. I was standing on The Pedestrian Bridge, looking out over the city and knew this was my home. I had come to do a little shopping…which I did, but left with a purpose and calling to this place. 

I planned my first wedding for my older sister, Kimberly, who was 11 at the time. I was her Maid of Honor at six, and her fabulous faux wedding to our youngest sister, Elizabeth, was perfect. I joke about that day sparking my passion for wedding planning. These days, I beg my wonderful husband, Josiah, for a vow renewal ceremony on a regular basis, and I am always dreaming of unique events to design for my clients.

As much as I love the wedding, my heart is for the marriage.

Once licensed, my mission is to offer couples practical and helpful premarital counseling throughout the planning process. My life motto is to be a trusted person, and I love working with couples who trust me with marriage advice and planning their wedding day.

When not destroying my feet running around a wedding, I travel as much as possible with my husband and our infant daughter, Evelyn. I try to keep my dogs out of trouble, and my sanity in tact by completely rearranging my household furniture too often. I laugh at my spouse, and love the life we live with friends and family in Nashville, Tennessee.

Feel free to reach me directly at 615.997.0625.


When you work with us, you can relax.

With Music City Events you have experienced, enthusiastic and committed planners available to walk you through the process. Each of our packages include a team of experienced planners, online management with real time updates, unlimited communication and support!

Music City Events approaches each wedding as it is: a personal expression of your tastes. We do not have a "one angle approach" and work to ensure your wedding looks like YOU!

Not us. Or your friends. Or that wedding on Pinterest. YOU.